• Townsend, Stephanie G., 2014.  Head of School.  B.A. University of Connecticut; M.A. Middlebury College
  • Bowden, Dan Leslie, 1955. Honorary Advisor to the Head of School. A.B. Berry College
  • Robaina-Gollan, Myriam, 2012.  Executive Administrative Assistant to the Head of School.  M.B.A., Ph.D. Canterbury College Business School


  • Ferguson, Michael R., 1993. Associate Head of School, Upper School Director, Social Sciences. B.S. Eastern Michigan University; M.S. Florida International University
  • Carey, Jennifer, 2013.  Director of Educational Technology, Social Sciences.  B.A. University of Miami; M.A. University of California - Los Angeles
  • Frappier, Steve, 2006. Director of College Counseling. A.B., M.L.A. Washington University
  • Gonzalez, Maria Elena, 1998. Administrative Assistant to the Associate Head of School
  • Housiaux, Erin, 2006.  Assistant Dean of Students, English.  B.A. Bucknell University; M.S. Florida International University
  • Jolivert, Claudia, 2008.  Associate Director of College Counseling.  B.S. Georgetown University; M.I.A. Columbia University
  • JoAnne McAuley Jugo, 2014.  Assistant to the Director of Counseling.  B.A. Universitario Antonio J. de Sucre, Venezuela
  • King, Jr., John, 1999. Director of Studies, Greening Coordinator, Senior Class Advisor, Social Sciences. B.A., M.A. Emory University; Ph.D. Vanderbilt University
  • Meehan, Djiara, 2013. Associate Director of College Counseling.  B.A. Vanderbilt University; M.A. University of Minnesota
  • Meneses, Ana, 2003.  Director of Administrative Technology. B.B.A., B.S. Florida International University
  • Nino, Sandra, 2005. Administrative Assistant to the Upper School Deans. B.A., M.S. St. Thomas University
  • Norcini, Susana, 1998. Webmaster.  B.A. Pennsylvania State University
  • Pierce, Gloria, 1986. Archivist, Permanent Substitute. B.F.A. University of Illinois
  • Puigbo, Andres, 2014. Performing Arts Facilities Technical Director, Performing Arts.
  • Regis, Monique, 2005. Front Office and School Calendar Coordinator
  • Rosenfels, Jeremiah, 2010. Director of Experiential Programs, Social Sciences.  B.A. University of Iowa; M.A. New York University
  • Samimy, Ellen, 2013. Director of Counseling, Social Sciences.  B.A. Boston University; M.A. University of Massachusetts
  • Sanderson, Taber, 2012. Assistant Director of Administrative Technology.  B.A. Washington College
  • Santiago, Haydee, 2010. Registrar and Administrative Assistant to College Counseling
  • Stone, Joshua, 2006.  Dean of Students, English. B.A. Emory University; M.A., Ph.D. University of Miami
  • Torres, Norma, 2013. Nurse.  A.S. Miami Dade College; A.A. Union College


  • English - Groeninger, Michael
  • Mathematics - Duty, Jean
  • Performing Arts - Bryan, Sean Paul
  • Physical Education - Peluso, Christine
  • Science - Mills, Ken
  • Social Sciences - Nero, Jennifer
  • Visual Arts - Rodriguez, Jose
  • World Languages - Urbina, Guillermo 


  • Rodriguez, Rachel, 2005. Middle School Director, English. B.S. Florida International University; M.S. Nova Southeastern University
  • Stamler, Shelly, 2008. Assistant Middle School Director, English. B.A. University of Miami; M.S. Nova Southeastern University; J.D. University of San Francisco
  • Aguilar, Patricia, 1990. Administrative Assistant to the Middle School Director
  • Duarte, Linda, 1992. Middle School Bookstore/Front Office
  • Gregorio, Marie, 2014.  Nurse.  B.S. Mount Saint Mary College
  • Hall, Francie, 2014. Front Office Support
  • Housiaux, Charles, 2007. Assistant Director of Studies, Summer Explorations Director, English, Coach. B.A. University of Wisconsin
  • Knowles, Quincy, 2014. Assistant Technical Director.  B.M. Florida Atlantic University
  • Perez-Gonzalez, Isis, 2008. Middle School Counselor. B.S. Florida International University; M.A.Nova Southeastern University
  • Phirangee, Marisa Quinn, 2004. Assistant Director of Educational Technology. B.B.A. Florida International University; M.S. Nova Southeastern University


  • 6th Grade - Peluso, Roger
  • 7th Grade - DiPace, Peter
  • 8th Grade - Lambert, Ricky


  • English - Weiss, Nancy
  • Mathematics - Onorati, Ginny
  • Performing Arts - Leibinger, Cathryn
  • Physical Education - Mondell, Michelle
  • Science - Vaerewyck, Shirley
  • Social Sciences - Mauro, Joe
  • Visual Arts - Munoz, Elsa
  • World Languages - Bassuk, Bobbie
  • Student Activities - Siegler, Gregory


  • Sayfie Zichella '93, Amy, 2002. Director of Admission. B.A. Florida State University
  • Milanes, Jackie, 2001. Director of Financial Aid and Assistant Director of Admission. C.L.A. Florida International University
  • Bott, Ana A., 1990. Admission Assistant


  • Williamson '88, Vicki Carbonell, 2009. Interim Director of Advancement, Director of Alumni Relations. B.A. Boston College
  • Bonafonte, Melissa, 2010. Director of Annual Giving. B.A. University of Arizona; M.B.A. Thunderbird School of Global Management
  • Crosland, Jody, 2005. Parent Relations Coordinator and Advancement Associate. B.A., M.P.A. West Virginia University
  • Kores, Suzanne, 2012.  Director of Communications.  B.F.A Memphis College of Art; M.F.A. University of Miami
  • Mercadal, Tony, 2013. Director of Advancement Services. B.A. University of Miami
  • Retchless, Danielle Phillips, 2012. Advancement Associate and Events Coordinator. B.A. State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Smith, Rhonda, 2015.  Database Specialist.  B.A. University of Miami


  • Grubair, Claude, 1999. Director of Athletics and Summer Programs, Coach. B.A. University of Miami
  • Armas, Daisy, 1998. Administrative Assistant for Athletics and Summer Programs. A.A. Miami-Dade Community College
  • Blake, Mosi, 2000. Upper School Athletic Trainer. B.S. Barry University
  • De Angulo, Andy, 1999. Director of Aquatic Center and Athletic Facilities, Assistant Athletic Director, Coach. B.A. University of Miami
  • Howlan, Steve, 1987. Equipment Manager, Coach. B.A. Florida International University
  • Kelly, Roy, 2007. Middle School Athletic Supervisor. B.S. Florida International University
  • Mancuso, Joseph, 2003. Middle School Athletics Director, Physical Education, Coach. B.A. Lenoir-Rhyne College
  • Peluso, Christine, 2004. Associate Athletic Director, Physical Education, Coach. B.A. Ohio Wesleyan University; M.A.L.S. S.U.N.Y. - Stony Brook
  • Crivello, Gonzalo, 2012.  Director of the Waterfront, Physical Education, Coach.  B.A. University of South Florida
  • Quintero, Enrique, 2013.  Assistant to the Waterfront Director, Coach.
  • Francisco Viacava, 2014.  Director of Crew Program and Associate Waterfront Director.  B.S., M.A. Jacksonville University


  • Patchett, Katrina, 1988. Director of Bookstores. B.A. University of Miami; M.L.I.S. Florida State University; CCR
  • Duarte, Linda, 1992. Middle School Bookstore


  • Cowgill, Jr., James, 2013. CFO, Director of Finance and Operations.  B.A. University of Virginia; M.P.A. Florida Atlantic University
  • Morales, Diana, 2000. Controller. B.A. Barry University; CPA
  • Anderson, Ericka, 2004. Accounts Payable
  • Ceballos, Erick, 2004. Director of Facilities. EFP Certified
  • Duncan, Julie, 2010. Director of Human Resources. B.S. Palm Beach Atlantic College; SPHR, GBA
  • Perez, Daniel, 2013. Accounts Receivable Accountant. B.A. Florida International University
  • Pineda, Kimberly, 2007. Staff Accountant.  A.A. Edison College
  • Similien, Georges, 2014. Staff Accountant.
  • Trabanco, Maria, 2007. Senior Accountant. B.S. Barry University


  • Castillo, Jeffrey, 1999. Director of Information Technology. S.A.S. American Trades Institute
  • Malone, Tom, 2012.  Information Technology Technician
  • Palau, Edward, 2007. Information Technology Technician
  • Rodriguez, Tony, 2012.  Information Technology Technician


  • Sellati, Angela, 2003. Director of Library Services. B.A., M.L.I.S Florida State University
  • Barry, Susan, 2008. Upper School Library Assistant. B.S. New York University
  • Fontaine, Branly, 2008. Upper School Librarian. B.S., M.L.S. Florida State University
  • Lewis, Stephanie, 2013. Middle School Library Assistant. B.S. Florida International University
  • Share, Barbara, 1998. Middle School Librarian. B.A. Kent State University; M.Ed. University of South Florida
Director of Aquatic Center and Athletic Facilities, Assistant Athletic Director, Coach. B.A. University of Miami