Claude Grubair
Director of Athletics and Summer Programs

Andy De Angulo
Assistant Athletic Director, Director of Aquatic Center
and Athletic Facilities


Christine Peluso
Associate Athletics Director


Joseph Mancuso
Middle School Athletics Director

Daisy Armas
Administrative Assistant for Athletics & Summer Programs

Mosi Blake
Upper School Athletic Trainer


The Harry Anderson ’38 Watersports Center is named after one of our most beloved alums, Harry Anderson, ’38.  Harry is a world class sailor and is very involved with our school and with its sailing program.  The motto of the Harry Anderson ’38 Watersports Center is “Beyond All Horizons.”  Ransom Everglades School is one of the few schools in the nation located on the shores of a sub-tropical bay, which for more than 100 years has beckoned our students to enjoy its warm waters and gentle breezes.  Indeed, it was our founder Paul Ransom who first saw beyond the horizon when he realized the possibilities and opportunities afforded to our students by having Biscayne Bay as a magnificent outdoor classroom.  In this sense, Paul Ransom was our first advocate for experiential learning, environmental stewardship, and community service and his vision still drives our school to this day.

  • The 6th Grade Day on the Bay experience allows the entire 6th grade to spend a day canoeing, exploring an island and snorkeling on the sea grass beds just off our coast. 
  • Our Varsity Sailing team, the RE Racing Raiders, practices daily and is a major force in the high school sailing world.  
  • The JV High School sailing program trains our future regatta champions. 
  • Our science classes, using  the Barbara L motorboat and the Lady K marine exploration “shrimp boat”, conduct on and in the water research. English, Art, Photography and other classes utilize the watersports center's boats on the Bay for inspiration.
  • Through their Physical Education classes, our 9th grade students learn canoe and kayak paddle skills in preparation for their five-day Outward Bound Experience in the Everglades’ 10,000 Islands park. 
  • All 10th graders are required to take a daily, nine-week recreational sailing course during their Physical Education period.  Physical Education Sailing uses Laser Bug sailing dinghies and Hobie Cat catamarans for an exceptional sailing experience.
  • The Middle School sailing team uses our fleet of Hobie Cats and Laser Bug dinghies in their quest to master basic sailing skills.
  • Sailing, tubing, island exploration and snorkeling are a big part of our school’s Summer Camp program. 
  • Each afternoon one can catch our Crew team of over 40 rowers honing their skills on the shimmering Bay rowing their eights to the setting sun.
Watersports Center
Watersports Center

We have partnered with Shake-A-Leg Miami, the City of Miami, Breakthrough Miami and the entire 7th grade class to adopt a City of Miami island just off the Upper School Robert E Walker field.  The project is called the 7th Grade Island Care Project. Island E is a spoil island which the City and Ransom Everglades are turning into a public park.  The purpose is to make it a recreational and educational island park for the residents of Miami.  Many of our high school students, as well as our faculty, have taken this major community project to heart.

The Watersports Center also gets involved with community service in a variety of other ways.  Each year, as part of Ransom Everglades’ Swoop-a-Thon, special needs children and young adults are taken tubing and sailing.  The School’s S.E.A. Club teaches sailing skills to the community once a month.  Our school’s summer camp sailing counselors teach sailing to students who are part of the Overtown Youth Center.  And, as part of an ongoing Community Arts initiative, the Watersports Center promotes special art exhibits such as Stiltsville Illuminated, a photography exhibition at the Stiltsville houses on the Bay.

In addition, major college and university teams charter our 420 sailing fleet for their spring practices.