MS drama students perform The Giver

The coronavirus outbreak forced the cancellation of the last of three performances of The Giver by RE’s middle school drama students, but it did not diminish the impact of the powerful play. Myles Heller ’24 and Fiona Oberg ’24 led a talented and well-rehearsed cast in the production, which featured a 12-year-old boy (Heller) who partnered with an old man, The Giver (Oberg), to bring humanity to a not-quite-utopian society. 

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The production featured a monochromatic set and costumes illuminated by “memories” passed on from The Giver to the boy, and eventually to the rest of the community. The memories were shared as vivid, colorful projections. The play opened March 11 to a packed house in Swenson Hall. Only immediate family attended the second night, and the third was cancelled on the day RE began REmote School. The students performed under the direction of performing arts teacher Gina Montet.


Jonas: Myles Heller ’24
The Giver: Fiona Oberg ’24
Lily: Annabel Kaplan ’26
Father: Eric Wilson ’24
Mother: Maggie Seabrook ’24
Larissa: Charlotte Kennedy ’24
Asher: Trinity Haisch ’24
Fiona: Sophia Romanov-Imber ’24
Community Elders
Latrice Nelson ’25
Rowan Tolon ’24
Jordan Porcelli ’25
William Malone ’24
Community Children
Mia Bouyoucef ’25
Julia Cuy ’25
Orli Ressler ’26
Francesca Albini ’26
Community Twelves
Emma Holtzman ’24
Kenzie Kaplan ’25
Lael Sanders ’26
Mateo Sauceda ’26
Maya Shaked ’24
Community Adults
Andres Azqueta ’25
Daniel Hanft ’25
Diana Gonzalez ’24
Grace Hucks ’24
Griffin Nelson-Montet ’25
Jaerla Sajous ’25
Lucia Soto ’24
Nicholas Harper ’25
Student Director: Zoe Katsoufis ’24 
Stage Manager: Ale Andrade ’25
Sound Engineers: Miguel Kumar ’25, Tager Lehr ’25, Gerry Mena ’24
Lighting Operator: Ale Andrade ’25
Projectionist: Jake Perdigon ’24
Scenic Artists: Myles Heller ’24, Eric Wilson ’24, Jaerla Sajous ’25, Griffin Nelson-Montet ’25, Gerry Mena ’24, Mateo Sauceda ’26, Fiona Oberg ’24

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