House REveal shows off RE's newest tradition

A “House REveal” at the middle school on August 25 showcased Ransom Everglades' newest tradition: houses that draw inspiration from Hogwarts, school history and South Florida wildlife, and bring together students and teachers across grade levels. Sixth graders learned which house they would join during an exuberant celebration on the Stamps Family Field during the first week of school.

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During the REveal, sixth graders sprinted across the field to their new houses and were received with cheers, welcome tunnels and welcome posters by seventh and eighth graders. Two days earlier, upper schoolers found out during an assembly about a new house system at the upper school in 2022-23.
The houses, already a center of student life and spirit at the middle school, will become increasingly prominent on both campuses. Faculty members J.P. Arrastia and Cecilia Gonzalez spearheaded the creation of the houses in 2021-22; this summer, upper school student body president Loriz Arencibia ’23 and her fellow leaders brought the houses to the upper school. Upper school students decided to partner with Joshua's Heart Foundation – an organization founded by Joshua Williams '18 – with a toiletries drive organized by houses Sept. 6-9.
Middle School Houses 
House of Loyalty
Named for The Adirondack-Florida School
Bird: Red Tailed Hawk
House of Courage
Inspired by The Hickory Log – a schooner in the original fleet used for trips to the Keys, and also the Ransom School's publication.
Bird: The Blue Heron
House of Guardians
Named after the lodge in the Adirondacks
Bird: The Anhinga
House of Adventure
Inspired by the Winslow ship from RE's early sailing fleet
Bird: The Osprey
House of Ingenuity
Named for the Banyan trees at Everglades School for Girls
Bird: Purple Gallinule
House of the Bold
Named after the Everglades School for Girls' newspaper, The Echo.
Bird: The Egret
House of Legends
Named after the Everglades School yearbook, the Excelon
Bird: The Ibis
Upper School Houses
Red Fox
American Flamingos
White Ibises
Florida Panthers
American Alligators
Sea Turtles 
Bottlenose Dolphins
Moon Jellyfish 
Brown Pelicans 
Hammerhead Sharks
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