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NBC's Today Show talks to RE students about kindness

Ransom Everglades Middle School students took center stage for a story on kindness that aired on NBC's Today Show on Oct. 3, discussing the importance of being kind during a classroom interview with correspondent Savannah Sellers that tugged on heart strings. "These children make you rethink all of what kindness is," NBC's Al Roker said.

Watch the segment here.
Sellers spoke with nine students – Mia Bouyoucef ’25, Thomas Crowley ’24, Kaitlyn Gonzalez ’24, Tyira Jackson ’24, Zoe Katsoufis ’24, T.J. Malone ’25, Daniel Mendelson ’25, Francisco Gomez Rivas-Vazquez ’24 and Sindhu Talluri ’25 – in the middle school activities room on Sept. 22.  

"Kindness is almost like this universal language that exists in every culture, every race, every religion," Bouyoucef said.

"It's doing the simple things to respect other people," Malone said.

The students responded to questions, and also commented on videos illustrating kind acts – such as one showing a track athlete helping an injured competitor across the finish line. "That is such an important thing to do, to take the effort to be kind," Jackson said.

"Being kind shouldn't be perceived as strong or weak, it should just be something that you do," Talluri said.

"If you see someone that is being bullied, it's easy to always walk away from it, but to be kind, and to help them, you need to be strong to go over there and make a difference," Mendelson said.

"If one person taught five people to be kind and those five people taught another five people to be kind, it would have a big effect," Katsoufis said.

The students also shared tips about how to be kind online. They advised following positive accounts and using social media to support others or causes they care about.

The segment was precipitated by a survey on kindness commissioned by NBC sponsor Nivea.

"They were angel children, for sure," Sellers said to her colleagues in the studio to conclude the segment. "It feels good, right?"

Watch the segment here.
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