Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

A Diverse, Inclusive, Equitable Community

Ransom Everglades School is an inclusive community that welcomes and benefits from diverse experiences and perspectives. Our students and faculty embrace multiculturalism and appreciate the unique potential of each individual. During their time at RE, everyone benefits from the contributions of each member, while honing skills and sensitivities that prepare them to excel and lead in a global community.

The commitment to diversity at Ransom Everglades informs our curriculum, community outreach, co-curricular activities and admission process. We implement programs, offer workshops and craft learning opportunities that reflect our core beliefs. Living by this philosophy ensures that our students develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be productive global citizens.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at a Glance

  • 54% of the students come from multicultural backgrounds
  • 33% faculty of color
  • 20% of students speak languages other than English at home
  • 29 different languages are spoken in homes of Ransom Everglades families
  • 18% of students receive financial support
  • More than $6 million is awarded in financial aid each year, with an average tuition grant of $30,777. RE meets the financial needs of all families that qualify for aid.
  • RE also offers additional aid to support students with educational costs beyond tuition.

DEI Task Force

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force is charged with helping to develop and implement the vision for DEI at Ransom Everglades. The Task Force is comprised of members from the faculty, staff and leadership who represent both campuses and all areas of the school. The Task Force advances ongoing DEI initiatives, such as the Booker T. Washington Senior High / Ransom Everglades exchange; offers professional development for faculty (most recently, a presentation on microaggressions); and develops new programs to continue to ensure that students, employees, alumni, trustees, volunteers and parents can fully contribute to and benefit from the opportunities, culture and experience at Ransom Everglades.

Student Life and Inclusion Committee

Members of the Board of Trustee, faculty, leadership, and parent body serve on the Student Life and Inclusion Committee. This committee studies the student experience at Ransom Everglades and assists the school’s leadership and faculty in implementing programs that promote student well-being. Discussions are based on relevant research from the academic and education communities, and on data about student life compiled by school leaders. Topics such as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, good decision making, mental health, teenage use of technology, and the development of the adolescent and teenage brain are on the agenda of the Student Life and Inclusion Committee.

Diversity Council

The Ransom Everglades Diversity Council is comprised of students and faculty members. Its mission is to raise awareness of cultural differences and other diversity-related issues. The development of cultural competencies is vital to any excellent educational experience. Members of the council seek ways for faculty, staff and students to make Ransom Everglades an inclusive community that takes full advantage of its multicultural strengths. Intent on combating discrimination and celebrating difference, the Ransom Everglades Diversity Council encourages critical thought about any and all issues relating to race, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability/disability, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, nationality and other cultural identifiers.

Mission Statement

Ransom Everglades is committed to providing students with an outstanding education and promoting the ideals of Honor and Excellence. A culture of inclusion and diversity will encourage students to pursue these ideals in an environment where i) students can be themselves; ii) students are exposed to and challenged by a broad range of perspectives; and iii) students can develop values of respect, integrity, compassion, and a commitment to social responsibility.


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  • RE enjoys exchange with Booker T. Washington

    During the annual weeklong exchange between Ransom Everglades School and Booker T. Washington Senior High, students from both schools welcomed their partners from across town, stepping out of their comfort zones to look at school life from a new vantage point. The student ambassadors attended classes together, shared stories and laughs, and built friendships.
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Student Organizations

Organization / Sponsor

  • Diversity Council / Dr. Lehr
  • Black Students Association / Ms. Ellis
  • Chinese Culture / Mr. Che
  • Christian Students Association / Mrs. Perdigon
  • French Club / Mrs. McKenna
  • Gender and Sexuality Association / Mr. Laughlin
  • Jewish Students Association / Dr. Aloni
  • Latin American Students Association / Mr. Urbina
  • Persian and Arabic Students Association / Dr. Aloni
  • Women Empowered / Dr. Ellzey and Dr. Stump

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