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The mission of Sustainable Ransom Everglades is to advance environmental sustainability initiatives and eco-conscious practices on the Everglades and Ransom Campuses and throughout our community at large. Sustainable Ransom Everglades unites a broad range of constituents to set common goals and achieve common dreams: Students, faculty, staff and parents work together to cultivate environmental awareness and stewardship, promote sustainability, and advance environmental and climate justice.

We aim to be leaders in climate change education and youth climate action in our community and among independent schools nationwide.


Environmental Care Is in our DNA

RE’s upper school campus is located on the very shore of Biscayne Bay.
This is no chance occurrence. Paul Ransom took care to situate it there. He wanted his students to have the bay as classroom and laboratory, and it has served those functions ever since.
In the early days of the 20th century, when the Ransom School was first established, Miami was more wilderness than metropolis. This created unusual opportunities to instruct students in everything from the natural sciences to boating, navigation and self-reliance.
Today, we have to travel a bit further afield for wilderness work, but we still do, starting with an Outward Bound expedition for all ninth graders. Paul Ransom’s early concern for nature has, over the years, become a culture of environmental stewardship shared by the entire RE community.

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  • Green Team - Middle School Students

    The middle school Green Team is open to 6th-, 7th- and 8th-grade students who have a passion for the environment, climate change, environmental justice, sustainability, and who want to help make our school more green. The Green Team works on a variety of projects including tower gardens, campus gardens, rain barrels, recycling/waste reduction, composting, climate action, eco-education, and much more. Join the Green Team to be an environmental steward for Ransom Everglades School! We need your help to promote environmental sustainability and to help plan events for the middle school community including coastal cleanups, Earth Week, and the annual RE Climate Symposium.
  • Environmental Sustainability Council - Upper School Students

    The Environmental Sustainability Council (ESC) is an organization for upper school students interested in activism and outreach within the general theme of environmental sustainability. The scope of projects and initiatives under the ESC is broadly inclusive, with the common theme of advancing the health, sustainability, and awareness of environmental issues on campus and beyond. The ESC's five Working Groups (WGs) reflect its thematic focus areas: Energy, Water, Waste, Land and Outreach. Each WG leads projects and initiatives centered on its particular topic. The Outreach WG works across all other WGs to provide materials and activities in support of various projects. In addition, the Outreach WG leads the development of annual Earth Week events and environmental art projects.  
    Environmental justice is an overarching theme that permeates each aspect of the ESC. For each project and initiative WGs create, outreach materials will include information on how that particular environmental issue affects minority communities and financially disadvantaged communities, and what actions can be taken from individual to international scales to mitigate such effects.
  • Environmental Sustainability Task Force - Faculty and Staff

    The Faculty/Staff Environmental Sustainability Task Force meets throughout the school year to collaborate across disciplines on eco-initiatives and course curriculum, particularly for the annual RE Climate Symposium. The faculty and staff also work together to support middle and upper school student initiatives.
  • Environmental Sustainability Committee - Parents' Association (REPA)

    The purpose of this committee is to support the environmental issues and initiatives of Ransom Everglades faculty and students created and implemented by the faculty and staff Sustainability Task Force, the middle school student Green Team, and the upper school student Environmental Sustainability Council. Through this parent volunteer committee, the members will seek to enable the efforts of the faculty and students through expertise, communications, resources, and helping hands so as to advance their environmental causes and efforts.

    Areas of Support:
    • School environmental sustainability events
    • Find or provide subject matter expertise to help coach or inform on an issue or initiative
    • Create awareness and support within the parent community of the issues and initiatives at Ransom Everglades concerning the environment
    • Research and provide resources to advance environmental causes


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  • Solar

    In 2019, Ransom Everglades School took its first step towards renewable energy by installing a 5.2 kW 18-Panel Solar Grid-Tie System on the Hogan Building at the middle school. Later that year, with the completion of the middle school bus loop, additional solar panels were installed that power the gates and lights along Bayshore Drive.

    In May 2022, a 305-panel solar array was installed on the top of the Henry H. Anderson, Jr. ’38 Gymnasium. The array is expected to annually generate a total of 157,000 kW, save more than $25,000 and offset a quarter million pounds of carbon dioxide – the equivalent of planting some 1,800 trees.
  • Environmental Education 

    Connecting Ransom Everglades students to Biscayne Bay is at the heart of Paul Ransom’s mission. Throughout the year, faculty connect middle and upper school students with opportunities and local experts to learn about our local environment here in South Florida. 

    Learn how Marine Field Research students explore virtually
    View a Marine Field Research course video.
    Students attended an American Geophysical Union conference.
  • RE Climate Symposium

    The RE Climate Symposium started in 2016 at the middle school and has grown into an annual, school-wide, interdisciplinary, week-long event.

    In its sixth year, in 2022, it featured middle and high school projects and a keynote address by world-renowned artist Xavier Cortada. Sixth-grade students presented science, social studies, and English projects focused on solutions to fight climate change. Seventh-grade students presented projects about human health and climate change. Upper school students presented sustainable business ideas, environmental art, and projects focused on how our local marine ecosystems are critical to combating the climate crisis. An eco-friendly dinner was served, accompanied by a sustainability fair.
  • Environmental Stewardship & Advocacy

    The middle school Green Team and upper school Environmental Sustainability Council students regularly take action to help our local environment.

    • RE Water Patrol with Miami Waterkeeper
    • Dream in Green's Green Schools Challenge
    • Mangrove cleanups January 2022 cleanup
    • Composting on campus
    • Alternative gardening (Tower Gardens)
  • Campus, Community, & Citizen Science

    Middle and upper school students have opportunities to participate in ongoing science research on our campus, within our community, and with citizen science programs with our community partners. Learn more:
    Middle School Students Study Geology by Drilling
    Day on the Bay with Shake-A-Leg
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