Holzman Center of Applied Ethics

An Ethical Foundation

Ransom Everglades announced in November 2021 the opening of the Holzman Center of Applied Ethics, a resource designed to empower students to engage in ethical decision-making and to act with honor, excellence and integrity at RE and beyond. Under the direction of founding director John A. King, Jr., the Associate Head of School, the center offers a variety of programming – workshops, symposia, speakers, research opportunities and curricular updates – to ensure that Ransom Everglades students enter the world understanding the importance of ethical behavior in all endeavors, and the consequences to individuals and societies when integrity and honor are sacrificed. The idea and seed funding for the center came from Steve Holzman P’21, a former Parent Chair for The Fund for RE, and attorney John O’Sullivan P’14 ’21 offered additional support.
The center, which occupies the Ransom Cottage on the upper school campus, reflects the belief that ethics and morality must be taught and reinforced so that principled decision-making becomes a way of life. That is what Paul Ransom and Marie Swenson intended when they founded, respectively, the Adirondack-Florida School and Everglades School for Girls.

Steve Holzman P’21, founder of the Holzman Center of Applied Ethics

“I don’t think there is any question that corner cutting and cheating have increased across the spectrum. I do think we can do something about it in a positive way. This is a great pathway for Ransom Everglades. The practice of ethics must become a way of life.”
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