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An RE tradition: Experiential learning

At Ransom Everglades, students learn by doing. In laboratories and maker spaces, on the campus stage and bay, and in the courtrooms and museums of our city, students practice and apply the skills of the disciplines they study.

The earliest students at Ransom Everglades confronted and celebrated nature, practicing woodworker’s skills at the Adirondack campus while sailing and fishing on Biscayne Bay. Current students continue to benefit from myriad experiential opportunities woven into daily course work at RE, along with a number of exciting signature programs that offer meaningful explorations of various pursuits. Learn more about those programs below.

Historian and naturalist Marjory Stoneman Douglas wrote in Ransom Everglades Reflections of a School 1893-1978…

Marjory Stoneman Douglas

“The boys and girls who study here, not shut away by masonry, artificial lighting, air conditioning and windowless walls from the earth and sea, the growing plants, the wild creatures, the love of natural things, have had a wider approach to wisdom to the great truths of human thought, a more reasonable approach to the realities of human life.”

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  • Twelve Ransom Everglades School students participated in a student exchange in June in NĂ®mes, France

    Twelve RE students enjoy a summer cultural and educational exchange in France

    Twelve Ransom Everglades School students participated in a student exchange in June with the Lycée Alphonse Daudet, a school in Nîmes, France. The exchange matches Ransom Everglades School students with French students based on their shared interests, and each RE student resides in the French student’s home during the exchange, speaking French, learning about French life and experiencing the country’s traditions and culture. 
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