Model United Nations Team

RE students attend two Model United Nations conferences

Ransom Everglades students served as delegates at two virtual Model United Nations conferences in March, gathering with peers from around the nation to take on various local and global issues. Student-delegates represented particular countries or interests, using prior research and preparation to stay in character throughout the conferences as they addressed various questions, challenges and crises.
Students attended the National High School Model United Nations March 5-8 and the Florida International Model United Nations March 12-14. The meetings are typically held in New York and Miami, respectively. RE’s juniors and seniors represented Venezuela and Chile in committees such as UNICEF, and the United Nations Human Rights Council. Freshman and sophomore delegates represented China, Estonia, Mexico, Jamaica, Egypt and China in committees such as the Disarmament and International Security (DISEC) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Advisor Alfredo Palacio assisted the RE delegates.

Both RE’s Chilean and Venezuelan delegations had the opportunity to meet with the Permanent Mission of their respective countries. The mission briefings allowed RE students to better understand the committees they represented (through each country’s perspective) and the United Nations in preparation for the conferences.

Delegates to Florida International Model United Nations: Nicolas Poliak ’24 (China), Sophie Rouillard ’24 (China), Rebecca Ferrer ’24 (Estonia), Sofia Rua ’24 (Estonia), Laura Suarez Herrero ’23 (Mexico), Nicholas Viana ’24 (Mexico), Leah Dimond ’24 (Jamaica), Sophia Bonafonte ’24 (Jamaica), Andrew Bianchi ’24 (China), Francesca Lopez ’24 (China), Alexander Fernandez-Andrew ’24 (Mexico), Ella Lombardo ’24 (Mexico), Logan Feldman ’24 (Matt Gaetz-Education Summit), Téa Delic ’24 (Mark Rosenburg-Education Summit), Daniel Figueroa ’24 (Arab State-Egypt), Takeo Owens ’24 (Valery Gerasimov-Oliagraches Men), George Wood-Leness ’24 (George Clinton-Washington), Kat Herrera ’23 (Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar-Crusades), James Brown Urmeneta ’24 (Steve Doocy-FOX), Ian Fox ’24 (Jim Acosta-CNN), Ben Kaplan ’23 (Michael Corner-Harry Potter), and Chetan Desai ’24 (Isocrates-Ad Hoc).

Delegates to National High School Model United Nations: Bella Henriquez ’21, Rylie Love ’21, Jake Meyer ’22, Celeste Viana ’22, Vere Gonzalez ’22, Nicky Denaro ’22 (Venezuela); Bella Bremer ’21, Martina Awad ’21, Peter Mendiola ’21, Shang Wang ’22, Kira Oglesby ’22, Ali Lugo ’22 and Mark Mateo ’22 (Chile).
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