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Honor Roll of Leadership Donors


The Ansin Family
 Tatsiana and Andrew Ansin ’81
 Edmund Ansin ◊
 James Ansin ’84
 Stephanie Ansin ’90 
  and Spencer Stewart ’85
The Decker Family §
Constance and Miguel Fernandez
Tina and Jeffrey Miller ’79 §

$2.5M - $4.9M

Miller Family Foundation
 Jeffrey Miller ’79
 Stuart A. Miller ’75
 Leslie Miller Saiontz ’77
Lydia Touzet and Rudy Prio Touzet ’76

$1M - $2.49M

Ana Cristina and Edgardo Defortuna
The Mendelson Family
 Kimberly Gray Mendelson ’85 
  and Eric Mendelson
 Arlene and Laurans Mendelson
 Lisa and Victor Mendelson
The Posner Family
 Pamela Kayton Posner ’92 
  and Jarrett Posner ’88
 Melissa and Sean Posner ’93
 Kelly Posner-Gerstenhaber ’85
Ransom Everglades Parents’ Association
Roustam Tariko

$500K - $999K

Anonymous (2)
Henry H. Anderson, Jr. ’38 ◊§
Irene and Irving Barr
Reuven and Karine Bigio
Maria Dolores and Maurice Ferré ’79
Julie and Martin Franklin
The Wayne and Wendy Holman 
Karen and Steve Holzman
Christopher Hyatt ’61 §
The Maisel Family
 Laura Maisel ◊
 Karen and Michael Maisel ’68
Leyda Bowes-Manstein 
 and Dieter Manstein
Bianca and Ernesto Morales ’93 §
The Srebnick Family
 Jessica and Scott Srebnick ’83
 Sharon and Howard Srebnick ’82
 Eliza Srebnick Weber ’87 
  and Jon Weber

$250K - $499K

Anonymous (3)
Loli Boehler and 
 Agustin Arellano, Jr. ’90 §
Irma and Norman Braman
Stephanie Turkington Byrne ’65 
 and Bobby Byrne §
The Cypen Family
 Arlyn and Stephen Cypen
 Leslie Cypen Diamond ’92 
  and Peter Diamond ’92
 Jennifer Cypen Kaplan ’90
Maya Ezratti
Awilda Cruz and Daniel Finkle ’92 §
Elizabeth and Jonathan Fitzpatrick
Hilary and David Gershman
Randy Gumenick
Maria Fernanda Froes 
 and Emmanuel Hermann
Susan Matson Lampen ’71 
 and Richard Lampen
Kinga and Edward Lampert
Phil Lord ’93
Janet Lustgarten ’78
Betsy and Art Murphy §
Elana Oberstein-Harris ’93 
 and Geoffrey Harris §
Richard Sager ’70 §
Miriam Esteve and Gary Schermerhorn
Adam Sender
Amy and Richard Stokes ’94
Sandra and Tony Tamer
Mariela and Roger Tovar
Debra Braman Wechsler ’78 
 and Jeffrey Wechsler

$100K - $249K

Anonymous (5)
3 Sons Foundation
Debra and Michael Alesandro
The Arellano Family
 Loli Boehler 
  and Agustin Arellano, Jr. ’90
 Lola Arellano Pegg ’93 and Allen Pegg
 Olivia Arellano Espinosa ’00 
  and Fernando Espinosa
Jonathan Awner and Carrie Steinbaum
Ana-Marie Codina Barlick 
 and Robert Barlick
Heidi and Robin Bogle
Jordan and Marcelo Claure
The Cobb Family
 Ambassadors Sue and Charles Cobb
 Kolleen and Christian Cobb ’81
James Deering Danielson Foundation
 Charles Seitz III ’73 
Lisette and Roland Di Gasbarro
Stephanie and Andre Dua
Lindsay and Scott Fuhrman ’00
Marjorie and Ghislain Gouraige §
Evelyn Langlieb Greer and Bruce Greer
Charlotte and Jeff Hicks ’84
Jennifer and Justin Kennedy
Tina and Jon Kislak
Melissa Krinzman ’86
Patty Benitez-Lamar ’97 and Mario Lamar
Stacey and David Leibowitz
George Lindemann
The Macedo Family
Kendra and John Malloy
Shareef and Gabrielle (Anwar) Malnik
Laurie and David McWilliams §
Jill Hartley Meland ’80 and Mark Meland
Mike Moran
Kristen and Wirth Munroe
Stacy and Jonathan Pollack ’94
Abigail Pollak
Nicole Sayfie Porcelli ’89 
 and Marcello Porcelli
  in loving memory of 
  Dr. Eugene J. Sayfie
Suneetha and Jay Reddy
REEF Fishing Tournament
Laura and Jeff Roberts
Shirlee Schiller
Shepard Broad Foundation, Inc.
 Ann Bussel
 Debby Bussel ’79 and Steve Goldin
 Laura Alonso-Gallo and John Bussel ’87
 Raquelle de la Rocha 
  and Daniel Bussel ’78
 Karen Bussel Berman ’83 
  and Daniel Berman
Kim Smith
Tricia and Gary Tie-Shue
Penny and Mike Townsend
Rebecca and Jimmy Whited
Abby and Jeff Zanarini
Ray Zemon ’66
◊ Deceased
§ Includes planned gifts
Founded in 1903, Ransom Everglades School is a coeducational, college preparatory day school for grades 6 - 12 located on two campuses in Coconut Grove, Florida. Ransom Everglades School produces graduates who "believe that they are in the world not so much for what they can get out of it as for what they can put into it." The school provides rigorous college preparation that promotes the student's sense of identity, community, personal integrity and values for a productive and satisfying life, and prepares the student to lead and to contribute to society.