Health and Wellness

Sixth graders learn from cyber safety expert

An expert on cyber-safety and digital mindfulness addressed sixth-grade students and families at a webinar October 14, urging them to develop sound practices that would lower risks when using the internet and digital media.
Richard Guerry, founder of the Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communications, has tutored RE middle school students and their parents for years on the benefits and dangers of the internet, social media and other digital tools. He appeared remotely for the second straight year after making a number of presentations at Swenson Hall.

He stressed that he wasn’t discouraging the use of digital tools and applications ranging from social media to gaming, but rather was encouraging responsible behavior. Part of the responsibility, he noted, was a willingness to ask for help when – not if – things ever went awry.

“We have all collectively been made the guinea pigs of evolving technologies,” Guerry said at the virtual event. “We are creating statistics of both promise and pitfalls for the next generation to learn from … The chances that I am going to get hurt are going to go up if I fool around with powerful tools.”

Guerry touched on topics ranging from cyber cruelty to gaming to hacking. He urged the student to have a positive use mindset, and to share what they learned with younger students.

Guerry’s annual visit represents a part of the school’s larger effort to ensure the health and wellness of its students. For more information, check out Guerry’s website.
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