Academic honors presented at upper school

Ransom Everglades honored the 16 seniors in the top 10 percent of the Class of 2023 with induction into the Cum Laude Society during an academic honors assembly Oct. 13 at the Lewis Family Auditorium. School leaders also recognized RE's National Merit honorees, Seal of Biliteracy recipients and newly designated endowed faculty chairs.
Cum Laude honorees Emma Arnhols '23, Ian Barnett '23, Ryan Berkshire '23, Adriana Bussel-Alonso '23, Lucia Rose Dahn '23, Diego de Lope '23, Leo Fein '23, Theodore Ma '23, Nicolas Maynulet '23, Dylan Miner '23, Rogelio Munoz-Franco '23, Kyle Ng '23, Jonathan Pollak '23, Denise Suarez '23, Alexis Tie-Shue '23 and Marco Zhao '23 were announced by Dean of Studies Adriana Sanchez and invited to the auditorium stage.

Sanchez congratulated the students, explaining that excellence, justice and honor are the embodiment of the society that was established at RE in 1957. Ransom Everglades will welcome the next 10 percent of seniors at the top of the class to the society in the spring.

World Languages Department Chair James Monk recognized RE's 94 Seal of Biliteracy recipients in silver, gold and platinum categories. Fifty-four students achieved silver recognition; 35 received gold; and five achieved the highest level, platinum, which signifies proficiency in three languages: English, Spanish and a third language.

Monk called those students – Ian Barnett ’23 (English, Spanish, Portuguese);
Adriana Bussel-Alonso ’23 (English, Spanish, French), Diego de Lope ’23 (English, Spanish, Chinese), Angela Dula ’23 (English, Spanish, Portuguese), Marco Zhao ’23 (English, Chinese, Spanish) – to the stage, noting that they achieved 4s or 5s on their AP English and AP world language exams, and also passed two world language proficiency tests at RE. Learn more about RE's Seal of Biliteracy program here.

RE Chief Operating Officer and Interim Head of School David Clark '86 recognized the school's 29 National Merit honorees. You can read more about them here. RE students applauded as each honoree stood in place.

Associate Head of School John A. King Jr. summoned math teacher Mike Becker and English teacher Kathryn Bufkin to the stage to recognize their admission to the Cum Laude Society as honorary faculty. Last spring, Bufkin was awarded the inaugural Dan Leslie Bowden English Endowed Chair and Becker, the first Ann Goesel Mathematics Endowed Chair. King, Humanities Department Chair Jen Nero and STEM faculty Henry Stavisky '02 are the other RE honorary faculty.

See all of the students honored below:
Cum Laude
(top 10 percent of Class of 2023)
Emma Arnhols '23
Ian Barnett '23
Ryan Berkshire '23
Adriana Bussel-Alonso '23
Lucia Rose Dahn '23
Diego de Lope '23
Leo Fein '23
Theodore Ma '23
Nicolas Maynulet '23
Dylan Miner '23
Rogelio Munoz-Franco '23
Kyle Ng '23
Jonathan Pollak '23
Denise Suarez '23
Alexis Tie-Shue '23
Marco Zhao '23

Ransom Everglades Seal of Biliteracy

Ian Barnett ’23: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Adriana Bussel-Alonso ’23: English, Spanish, French
Diego de Lope ’23: English, Spanish, Chinese
Angela Dula ’23: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Marco Zhao ’23: English, Chinese, Spanish

Emma Arnhols ’23
Lucas Bernal ’24
Sophia Bonafonte ’24
Lucas Carvalho ’23
Leticia Crosby ’23
Lucia Rose Dahn ’23
Kate Demos-Brown ’23
Natasha do Valle ’23
Carlota Escudero ’24
Ana Cecilia Gonzalez ’23
Francisco Gomez Rivas-Vazquez ’24
Elliott Gross ’24
Carlos Guajardo ’24
Valentina Herrera Ponce de Leon ’24
Theodore Ma ’23
Jackson McAliley ’23
Gerardo Mena ’24
Dylan Miner ’23
Nicole Miquilarena ’23
Kyle Ng ’23
Victoria Paraoulaki de Miranda ’24
Victor Perez ’23
Juliana Perez Rivera ’24
Martin Piedrahita ’24
Jonathan Pollak ’23
Pablo Rodriguez-Russowsky ’23
Carmen Sanchez-Tembleque Wood ’23
Santi Sauceda ’24
Mae Signorello ’23
Elisa Sotero ’24
Adrian Stone-Perez ’23
Denise Suarez ’23
Alexis Tie-Shue ’23
Alexander Tong ’24
Luca Trebotich ’23

Mia Albelo Calderon ’23
Chloe Alfonso ’24
Loriz Arencibia ’23
Ryan Berkshire ’23
Nico Boord ’24
Mia Bouyoucef ’25
Didi Carvalho ’25
Will Charouhis ’24
Natalia Cobas ’25
Ana Beatriz Cury ’24
Patricio de Lope ’25
Antonio de Macedo ’24
Elise Echarte ’23
Mia Escoto Cordova ’25
Leo Fein ’23
Logan Feldman ’24
Alec Garcia-Caceres ’23
Tomas Griffin ’25
Jack He ’25
Lauren Howard ’23
Joanna Jiménez-Cabanillas ’25
Veronica Kerr ’23
Miguel Kumar ’25
Ale Leiser ’25
Isa Leiser ’23
Beatriz Lindemann ’25
Francisca Lopez ’24
Derrick Ma ’24
David Martinez ’25
Nico Maynulet ’23
Michael Mederos ’25
Skye McPhillips ’24
Trent Mopsick ’23
Rogelio Muñoz-Franco ’23
Lauren Page ’24
Sofia Paraoulaki de Miranda ’23
Luciana Pardo Muñoz Ledo ’25
Antonia Pinnar ’25
Marella Rebessi ’24
Lucas Romero ’24
Sophie Rouillard ’24
Sofi Rua ’24
Alejandra Sarmiento ’23
Chuli Serra ’24
Christian Sosa ’23
Nico Sosa ’23
Liv Steinhardt ’23
Ricky Sucre Gil ’23
Sindhu Talluri ’25
Laura Teofilo ’23
Ethan Thomas ’25
Jack Touby ’23
Theo Valles ’25
Mikey Zoi ’24

National Merit Semifinalists
Arjun Badwal '23
Ryan Berkshire '23
Leo Fein '23
Theodore Ma '23
Nico Maynulet '23
Dylan Miner '23
Loren Pearson '23
Adrian Stone Perez '23
Alexis Tie-Shue '23
Marco Zhao '23 
National Merit Commended Students
Mia Calderon '23
Ian Barnett '23
Lucia Rose Dahn '23
Diego de Lope '23
Elise Echarte '23
Raife Levy '23
Rogelio Munoz-Franco '23
Kyle Ng '23
Sofia Paraoulaki de Miranda '23
Victor Perez '23
Jonathan Pollak '23
Emma Quintane '23
Pablo Rodriguez-Russowsky '23
Alejandra Sarmiento '23
Carson Stanton-Sharpless '23
Denise Suarez '23
Emilia Suarez-Herrero '23
Thomas L. Trebotich '23
Athena Tsialas '23
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