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Great acting, set and costumes elevate A Christmas Carol

Dozens of students – actors, set designers, tech crew – helped bring A Christmas Carol to life at Lewis Family Auditorium under the direction of faculty member Laura Montes. The holiday classic play featured Tager Lehr '25 as Ebenezer Scrooge as other student stars managed quick costume changes to play multiple roles. The play included dramatic sound and lighting and a delightful set that allowed the story to travel seamlessly from the past to the present and future.
Natasha Do Valle '23 played the Ghost of Christmas Past (and a doll vendor); Jaerla Sajous '25, the Ghost of Christmas Present (and a fruit and cider vendor); and Solon Sun '25, the Ghost of Christmas Future (and a party guest). Nico Maynulet '23, was Bob Cratchit and an undertaker; Henry Berler '25 played Jacob Marley and two other roles. See the entire cast and contributors below.

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Scrooge: Tager Lehr ’25
Scrooge at 14/citizen: Charlie Derick ’26
Young Scrooge/watchworks vendor: Alejandro Andrade ’25
Doll vendor/Ghost of Christmas Past: Natasha Do Valle ’23
Fruit and cider vendor/Ghost of Christmas Present: Jaerla Sajous ’25
Ghost of Christmas Future/party guest: Solon Sun ’25
Bob Cratchit/undertaker: Nico Maynulet ’23
Mrs. Cratchit/party guest: Gabrielle Lieberman ’24
Martha Cratchit/citizen: Grace Hucks ’24
Belinda Cratchit/Belle: Emma Holtzman ’24
Peter Cratchit/schoolboy: Kaitlyn Gonzalez ’24
Tiny Tim: Sofie Delic ’28
Fan/Par: Lucia Soto ’24
Mrs. Dilber/Mrs. Fezziwig: Charlotte Kennedy ’24
Jacob Marley/Mr. Fezziwig/Old Joe: Henry Berler ’25
Nichola Fezziwig/citizen/party guest: Ginger Seabrook ’26
Claire Fezziwig/schoolboy/citizen/party guest: Lael Sanders ’26
Fred/party guest: Armando Segrera ’25
Fred’s wife/citizen: Carolina Linfante ’26
Fred’s spoiled daughter/schoolboy/Turkey boy: Aaliyah Asghar ’26
Fred’s sister-in-law/old beggar woman/citizen: Miranda Silva ’26
First solicitor/citizen: Sander Joeveer ’24
Dick Wilkins/Mr. Topper/second solicitor: Rowan Tolon ’24
Wendy Fezziwig/citizen/party guest/Mrs.Crachit: Orli Ressler ’26
Ghostly apparitions: Daniela Garcia  ’26, Jordan Porcelli ’25, Dominique Cederberg ’26, Bridget Mestepey ’26, Sofie Delic ’28

Stage Manager: Nina Tekriwal ’25
Sound Effects: Eve Schultz ’25
Lighting Designer: Diana Gonzalez ’24
Props Supervisor: Trinity Haisch ’24
Master Electrician: Jake Perdigon ’24
Head Carpenter: Ivan Rosenfeld ’25
Light Board Operator: Griffin Nelson-Montet ’25
Microphone Tech: Morgan Williams ’26
Soundboard Operators: Kate Demos-Brown ’24, Emma Quintane ’24
Fly Operator 1: Chloe Alfonso ’24
Fly Operator 2: Jilly Demos-Brown ’25
Stage Right Deck Captain: Olivia Augustin ’26
Stage Left Deck Captain: Lina Febres ’26
Spot Operator: Gerardo Mena ’24
Video Operator: Morgan Williams ’26

Olivia Augustin ’26  
Lina Febres ’26  
Gerardo Mena ’24  
Carlos del Canal Fernandez ’25  
Patrick Keedy Brown ’26  
Alexander Sargi ’25   
Natasha Rodriguez ’23  
Trinity Haisch ’24  
Jordan Sayfie Porcelli ’25

Nina Tekriwal ’25  
Eve Schultz ’25  
Catherine Buckner ’24  
Jordan Sayfie Porcelli ’25  
Ivan Rosenfeld ’25  
Matias Blanco ’25  
Lucas Bell ’24  
Lucas Blanco ’24  
Myles Heller ’25  
Nina Rodriguez ’25  
Chloe Alfonso ’24  
Olivia Augustin ’26  
Nora Brue ’25  
Olivia Noblet ’26  
Morgan Williams ’26  
Grace Lindenauer ’26  
Audrey Caplow ’25  
Egyptia Green ’25  
Kamran Bhagwan ’25  
Jillian Demos-Brown ’25  
Angelina Febres ’26  
Luciana Pardo Munoz Ledo ’25  
Ronja Stargala ’25  
Miguel Kumar ’25  
Beatrice Hernandez ’26

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