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Dancers take audience back in time

Ransom Everglades student-dancers danced through the decades during the REwind: All-School Dance Showcase on Jan. 27, donning period-appropriate costumes and performing to some of the most famous dance tunes of the last 65 years. Photo Gallery
Under the direction of dance teacher Desiree Masucci, students from RE's upper school dance team and in the middle school dance program danced to popular pieces as recent as the 2010s and as far back as Elvis' "Jailhouse Rock" from 1957. Ella Lombardo '24, Lauren Scott '24, Lena Zide '23, Lexi Barna '25 and Ella Adler '27 performed solos. Eighth graders danced to songs from the 2000s and 2010s; seventh graders from the 1980s and before; and sixth graders from the 1990s.

"I like to think that my students and I loved the idea of a decades show because we all love to fondly remember our childhoods, and we all have a soft spot in our hearts for nostalgia," Masucci said. "We, as human beings, connect this way."

RE Dance Team

Bryanna Arrastia ’24
Lexi Barna ’25
Isa Rojas Cueva ’26
Ella Gonzalez ’24
Barbara Hyland ’23#
Gabrielle Lieberman ’24
Ella Lombardo ’24
Cianna Vengoechea Schiff ’25
Lauren Scott ’24
Erika Siblesz ’23#
Lena Zide ’23#

Middle School Dance Students
The 2010s
Ella Adler ’27*
Isa Adler ’27*
Alexandra Ansin ’27*
Becky Arrastia ’27*
Bettina Boord ’27*
Cameron Capo ’27*
Holly Clement ’27*
Isla Dua ’27*
Luisa Duarte ’27*
Ava Fernandez ’27*
Olivia Gomez ’27*
Stella Harris ’27*
Juliana Kaye ’27*
Riley Kaye ’27*
Jane Perdigon ’27*
Valentina Pombo ’27*
Eleni Quintero ’27*
Rylie Vento ’27*
Myla Zuckerman ’27*
The 2000s
Luciana Adatto ’27*
Emily Beattie ’27*
Camila Bercum ’27*
Gabi Bigio ’27*
Jade Dennis ’27*
Charlotte Funke ’27*
Clementina Gonzalez Bergoderi ’27*
Lucca James ’27*
Kayla Molla ’27*
Phia Ranawat ’27*
Juli Salvat ’27*
Dylan Turkel ’27*
Alexa Umwiza ’27*
Dani White ’27*
Anne Wood-Leness ’27*
Reisha Yavagal ’27*
The 1990s
Isabella Alderuccio ’29
Lani Brooks ’29
Alessandra Dascal ’29
Annia Garmendia ’29
Sofie Gheen ’29
Constanza Gonzalez Bergoderi ’29
Lily Merrick ’29
Jules Narvaez ’29
Ava Paresky ’29
Isabelle Sachar ’29
Sophia Sachar ’29
Stella Stenstrom ’29
Tula Thompson ’29
Gabby Torres ’29
Mica Vadia ’29
Chloe Weintraub ’29
Abigail Zichella ’29
The 1980s
Reese Almazan ’28
Lila Chang ’28
Cici Cisneros ’28
Nina Cooper ’28
Paulina Dueñas ’28
Ella Fuhrmeister ’28
Andrea Guajardo ’28
Charlotte Hansen ’28
Sienna Holman ’28
Lauren Lamnin ’28
Georgia Lindemann ’28
Martina Macedo ’28
Amalia Macias ’28
Jordan Posner ’28
Kemi Roberts ’28
Nica Rosenberg ’28
Lainey Salomon ’28
Alba Sandelman ’28
Carlota Sarcos Delgado ’28
Ryan Sundheim ’28

The 1970s
Anna Block ’28
Flavia Contreras ’28
Elisa de Becker ’28
Isabella de Sabrit ’28
Phaedra Haralambides ’28
Charlie Jaffee ’28
Tova Katz ’28
Andy Lamar ’28
Eve Lindenauer ’28
Sabrina Lubow ’28
Cristina Luca ’28
Bianca Morales ’28
Sofia Shore ’28
Stella Steinbook ’28
Ale Vadia ’28
Sofia Velazco ’28
Leah Winer ’28
Lila Yale ’28
* rising ninth-grade students 
# graduating seniors

Photo Gallery
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