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RE speech and debate team on to states

More than three dozen RE speech and debate students advanced to the Florida state championship by finishing in the top six in their events at the Region 5 Varsity State Qualifier at North Miami High School Feb. 3-5. Ryan Berkshire '23 (Original Oratory), Eva Bricker '23 (Dramatic Interpretation of Literature), Daniela Garcia '26 and Miranda Silva '26 (Duo Interpretation of Literature), Eduardo Michelsen '25 (Extemporaneous Speaking) and Hannah Risin '25 (Improvisational Speaking) – led the great day for Ransom Everglades, finishing in first place in their events.
Ransom Everglades also posted six second- and six third-place finishes. The state championship event takes place March 4-5 at Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando. RE's speech and debate team is led by coaches Kate Hamm and Alice Chuang.

After Dinner Speaking
Joaquin Merlo-Garzon ’24 (auto-qual)
Congressional Debate
Michael Mederos ’25 - 3rd place
Luciana Pardo Munoz Ledo ’25 - 4th place
Rebecca Ferrer ’24 - 5th place
Anya Bhandar ’25 - 1st alternate
Thomas Crowley ’24 - 2nd alternate
Dramatic Interpretation of Literature
Eva Bricker ’23 - 1st place champion
Leila Zaydon ’23 - 2nd place
Kenzie Kaplan ’25 - 4th place
Haile Ferrentino ’25 - 1st alternate
Duo Interpretation of Literature
Daniela Garcia ’26 and Miranda Silva ’26 - 1st place champions
Jillian Demos-Brown ’25 and Kayra Serpenguzel ’25 - 6th place
Leila Zaydon ’23 and Claudia Colina ’25 - 1st alternate
Impromptu Speaking
Hannah Risin ’25 - 1st place champion
Lauren Page ’24 - 3rd place
Jillian Demos-Brown ’25 - 1st alternate
Informative Speaking
Eva Bricker ’23 - 2nd place
Marley Carrillo ’25 - 3rd place
Annabella Miki ’25 - 4th place
Noa Abboud ’24 - 5th place
Andrew Gedde ’25 - 6th place
Julia Cuy ’25 - 2nd alternate
International Extemporaneous Speaking
Lauren Page ’24 - 2nd place
Hannah Risin ’25 - 3rd place
Michael Goff ’26 - 4th place
Original Oratory
Ryan Berkshire ’23 - 1st place champion
David Martinez ’25 - 2nd place
Kyle Ng ’23 - 3rd place
Adaya Yang ’25 - 5th place
Veronica Kerr ’23 - 2nd alternate
Program of Oral Interpretation
Claudia Colina ’25 - auto qual
Public Forum Debate
Sindhu Talluri ’25 and Varun Raju ’24 - 2nd place
Natalia Cobas ’25 and Mia Cordova ’25 - 3rd place
Eduardo de Sabrit ’26 and T.J. Malone ’25 - 4th place
Danny Mendelson ’25 and Max Salomon ’25 - 5th place
Lara Semerci ’23 and Marco Zhao ’23 - 6th place
US Extemporaneous Speaking 
Eduardo Michelsen ’25 - 1st place champion
Lauren Howard ’23 - 2nd place
World Schools Debate 
Team A - Leticia Crosby ’23, Ian Fox ’24, Dylan Miner ’23, Mae Signorello ’23, Jake Perdigon ’24 - auto qual
Team B - Elisa Sotero ’24, Vale Cedeno ’24, Nora Brue ’25, Anna Lavernia ’25, Mikey Zoi ’24 - auto qual
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