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Matilda is magical at Swenson Hall

The musical Matilda was a smash hit on Broadway, a streaming success on Netflix and, as of March 8-10, a sensation at Swenson Hall. RE’s middle school drama students performed Matilda for three straight nights and during a matinee for students from CARE Elementary and Comstock Elementary. With colorful sets, vivid lighting and adorable costumes, RE’s drama students provided a distinctly Raider rendition of the famous Roald Dahl story that showcased more than 25 student-actors, a handful of crew members and the charming Matilda, played by Flavia Contreras ’28. Photo Gallery
Under the direction of Cecilia Gonzalez with the help of Gina Montet, RE’s drama students made their audiences laugh and mesmerized with their large-ensemble songs and dances. Visiting students from CARE and Comstock, whose visit was organized by admission associate Carla Hill, laughed and applauded throughout. Middle school students, parents and faculty filled Swenson Hall all three nights. See the cast and crew below:

Little Kids
Eric, Andrea Perez-Carrillo ’29
Tommy, Will Lower ’29
Amanda, Lily Knoll ’29
Bruce, Daniel Fernandez ’27
Lavender, Noa Cramer ’29
Alice, Bella Mustad ’29
Hortensia, Olivia Pollock ’29
Nigel, Dexter Falk ’28
Olivia, Faith Simmons ’29
Mary, Gabrielle Tchira ’27
Emily, Luna Mercadal ’29
Matilda, Flavia Contreras ’28
Mr. Wormwood, Lucas Sanchez ’27
Mrs. Wormwood, Bruna D’Amato ’29
Michael, Jack Gonzalez ’28
Miss Honey, Lilah Murphy ’27
Ms. Trunchbull, Stefano Kruger ’28

Big Kids/Mums and Dads
Maryam Astorga ’28
Noa Garcia ’27
Sofie Delic ’28
Will Brown ’28
Jack Gonzalez ’28
Lucas Gonzalez ’27
Izzy Stewart ’28
Liv Brantley ’29
Benjamin Brandrick-Morris ’29
Vivi Pasos ’28

Stage Manager, Selin Kaleli ’28
Student Director/Sound, Gabrielle Heckler ’27
Lights, Sawyer Nelson-Montet ’28
Mics, Lucas Noblet ’28 and Webber Druckerman ’28
Deck/Magic, Aleko Katsoufis ’28
Deck, Zoe Katsoufis ’24

Photo Gallery
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