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RE honors dozens of parent volunteers

Nicole Murray received 2022-23 Volunteer of the Year recognition from Ransom Everglades as the school honored dozens of parent volunteers and welcomed the new Ransom Everglades Parents' Association Executive Committee into office. Then-Interim Head of School Rachel Rodriguez offered special thanks to outgoing REPA President Javier Lugo and The Fund for RE Chairs Eleanor and Chris Barnett as she lauded more than 80 parents at the Woman's Club of Coconut Grove May 2 for sharing their time and talents for the benefit of Ransom Everglades.

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"We have so much we need to do and we cannot do it without you," Rodriguez said. "We appreciate you more than we can ever express and more than you might know."

Rodriguez expressed her gratitude for parents of graduating seniors who, she said, had donated more than $2 million to the school during their children's years at RE. She noted that parents of the Class of 2029, the current sixth grade, posted the highest giving participation rate (82 percent) and that the support of the entire community contributed to a record tally on the Raider Day of Giving: $442,000. For all of those successes, she thanked all of the grade-team parent leaders and especially The Fund for RE Co-chairs Eleanor and Chris Barnett.

"We are so grateful to [the Barnetts] for their unwavering support as fundraising ambassadors, advisors, and, when it came down to it," she said, "diligent callers and texters during outreach efforts."

Rodriguez also honored the departing REPA president Lugo, noting that he has been the "King of Technology in REPA. As president, he took us even further into the modern age with paperless agendas, QR codes and more."

And she surprised Murray – a REPA past president, former vice president of the middle school, hospitality chair and more – with the volunteer-of-the-year recognition. "This volunteer does not know the word no," Rodriguez said. "She has consistently stepped up when asked to do something. In fact, she helps out even when she isn't asked but sees that something or someone needs support. Her involvement with the school is vast." 

Rodriguez personally thanked dozens of volunteers from REPA and The Fund for RE, and she invited the 2023-24 incoming REPA officers to the stage for their swearing in and installation. Director of Advancement Melanie Hoffmann also thanked the volunteers, and COO and Interim Head of the Upper School David Clark '86 and Associate Head of School John A. King Jr. were in attendance.

See all of the volunteers recognized below:

RE Grade Team Leaders
12th Grade: Carrie Wiesenfeld and Teresa Dyke
11th Grade: Melissa Buckner
10th Grade: Simone Gumbs
9th Grade: JJ Snow Hansen
8th Grade: Tamarind Effio and Vicky Hucks
7th Grade: Christina Medina (not present)
6th Grade: Heather Tillet Stenstrom '94

2022-23 REPA Leadership
President – Javier Lugo
President Elect – Soledad Awad
Secretary – Dana Martorella
Treasurer – Nicky Hommen
Assistant Treasurer – Amy Stokes
VP Middle School – Ellie Rodriguez
VP Upper School – Nickelle Crowley
VP Athletics – Jane de Cardenas
VP Communications – Maya Ezratti
VP Councils – Nikki Weisburd
VP RE PALS – Jennifer O’Neill
VP Technology – Elena Leiser
Member At-Large – Eleanor Barnett
Member At-Large – Denise Font
Member At-Large – Magda Gonzalez
Member At-Large – Simone Gumbs
Member At-Large – Kristen Munroe
Member At-Large – Memo Sauceda
Member At-Large – Tricia Tie-Shue
Member At-Large – Vicky Vega Capote
Past President – Allison Holly
Past President – Vicky Hucks
Past President – Nicole Murray
Past President – Melissa Buckner
REPA Spring Party Chairs - Melinda Gonzalez and Jeremy Brandrick

2023-24 RE Parents’ Association Executive Committee
President - Soledad Awad
President-Elect - Nickelle Crowley
Secretary - Dana Martorella
Treasurer - Amy Stokes
Assistant Treasurer - Tom Jelke
VP Middle School - Ellie Rodriguez
VP Upper School - Carmen Serrano
VP Arts - Vicky Vega Capote
VP Athletics - Jennifer Leshner
VP Communications - Nikki Weisburd
VP Scholastic Teams - Doug Kaplan
VP RE PALS - Jennifer O’Neill Fox
VP Technology - Elena Leiser
Member At-Large - Jeremy Brandrick
Member At-Large - Magda Gonzalez
Member At-Large - Brooke Hoenig
Member At-Large - Christina Medina
Member At-Large - Kristen Munroe  
Member At-Large - Memo Sauceda  
Member At-Large - Heather Stenstrom
Past President - Javier Lugo
Past President - Allison Holly
Past President - Vicky Hucks
Past President - Melissa Buckner

Committee Chairs
Athletics Council US – Jennifer Leshner
Athletics Council MS – Becky McCarron ’93
REPA Book Club – Patty Rothstein, Jessica Tong
REPALS Book Club – Lori Harvey, Kris Wenzel
By-Laws – Simone Boayue Gumbs
Environmental Sustainability – Kristen Munroe
Faculty & Staff Appreciation Luncheon – Melinda Gonzalez, Nienke Trebotich, Lucia Michelsen
Faculty Friends US – Elena Leiser, Daniela de Lope, Andrea Rodriguez-Russowsky, Veronica Sucre
Faculty Friends MS – Dani Andrade, Betsy Harper, Ana McDevitt
Fine Arts & Scholastic Councils US – Beri Minick
Fine Arts & Scholastic Councils MS – Rachel Poses
Holiday Open House – Rebecca Millares-Macias ’95, Lisa Newman ’94, Lola Pegg ’93
Hospitality – Cindy Sauceda, Robin Juhasz
Library MS – Mary Seabrook
Lost and Found - Magda Gonzalez
Middle School Picnic – Rebecca McCarron ’93, Rebecca Millares-Macias ’95
Multicultural Day – Soledad Awad, Monica Lopez, Cindy Sauceda
One Book One Day One School (OBODOS) – Kathryn Mustad
Parent Ambassadors – Vicky Vega Capote, Mary Seabrook
Parent Network US – Deborah Bienstock
US Grade Leaders – Christine Acosta, Nickelle Crowley, Alex Moskovitz, Patty Rothstein, Eva Arango, Deborah Bienstock, Daniela de Lope, Soledad Awad
Parent Network MS – Carmen Serrano Wesoloski
MS Grade Leaders – Rebecca Jelke, Tom Jelke, Lisa Newman ’94, Kristen Connell, Carmen Serrano Wesoloski, Angelina Kaye, Suzanne Murphy
RE PALS – Jennifer O’Neill Fox
RE Spring Party – Melinda Gonzalez, Jeremy Brandrick
REPA Instagram/Social Media – Maya Ezratti
Senior Events – Dana Martorella, Nicole Murray
Volunteers on Call – Memo Sauceda 
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