A joyful conclusion to a great year for MS band and vocal ensemble

Ransom Everglades middle school band and vocal ensemble students exuded joy down to their colorful socks – they were told they could forego the usual black socks in favor of more spirited versions – at their final concert of the 2022-23 school year, “Let’s Make Some Joyful Noise!” The concert on May 11 at Swenson Hall illustrated not only the students’ progress as musicians and singers, but also the fun they have had participating in the middle school music program.

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From the opening song, “Joy” by Frank Ticheli, to the final tribute to the departing eighth graders – “Everything is Awesome” – the concert offered uplifting tunes and special moments. At one point, band director Cathi Leibinger had seemingly the entire audience singing along to “Rock and Roll All Nite,” which was played by the Raider Band.

Vocal Ensemble Director Laura Montes led the first-year vocal ensemble in a Disney medley; “Moment of Truth” from Smallfoot; and the '80s classic “Footloose.” RE’s combined bands (the beginning and Raider) played “Triangle Time” and “Raiders March” – which was dedicated to the future Raiders in the house. Montes and Leibinger called each of the eighth graders by name for a certificate and recognition.

The students “have done an amazing job and should be commended,” Leibinger said. “When I think about what we’ve gone through, I’m so impressed with how hard they worked, and stuck with it all the way through.”

Montes reflected on the first year with the RE vocal ensemble, whose efforts were aided by pianist Arn Xu.

“They are really a pioneering group,” she said. “They worked hard to get where they are … I’ve had a wonderful year with them, and each of them is near and dear to my heart.”

See the list of musicians and singers below.

Raider Band
Israel Garcia ’28
Alex Lombard ’29

Salo Sawicki ’27

Aly Kaplan ’28
Joey Louis ’28
Avery Zubok ’27

Stella Armstrong ’27
Roberto Erana ’27
Aaron Sadovnik ’27
Eitan Sawicki ’28
Inti Yankelevich ’28

Simone Carrasco ’27
Robbie Stieglitz ’28

Alex Quintero Kontopoulos ’28

Yiani Tettamanti ’28

Enzo Antoine ’27
Samuel Davis ’28
Issac Zide ’28

Annabelle Etra ’28
Joaquim Horvilleur ’28

Lucas Noblet ’28 

Vocal Ensemble
Emilia Adams ’29
Sabrina Berthier ’29
Leila Boyer ’27
Alex Brandrick-Morris ’29
Georgia Bush ’29
Eva Cunningham ’27
Bruna Damato ’29
Sofiya Dewan ’29
Sabrina Echavarria ’29
Landon Elfenbein ’29
Cecile Eztbach ’29
Erica Gardiner ’28
Eleanor Kriplen ’28
Kathryn Kuykendall ’29
William Lower ’29
Pablo Munoz Montes ’29
Victoria Pasos ’28
Andrea Perez-Carrillo ’29
Natalia Saverin ’29 

Beginning Band
Sukhari Afflick ’27

Sebastian Appel ’29
Liv Brantley ’29
Annabella Ciocca ’28
Charlie Gershman ’29
Dylan Kantesaria ’29
Matt Khvorostianyi ’29
Mia Lipovaca ’29
Manu Mendes ’29
Axel Sirinyan ’29

Daniel Bry ’27
Daniel Coscarelli ’29
Cody Lindemann ’28
Quinnard Mays ’28
Billy Newton ’29
Matthew Pomeraniec ’29
Noah Sterling ’29

Benjamin Alexander ’28
Eloise Battier ’29
Alexander Bontas ’29
Jaaz Brooks ’29
William Duncan ’29
Harrison Filer ’29
John Hadjilogiou ’29
Rahul Kumar ’29
Sebastian Lara ’29
Oliver Mark ’29
Sandro Salvat ’29
Hudson Yarckin ’29

Beatrice Hill ’29
Olivia Karp ’27
John Lew ’29
Evan Powe ’29

David Martin ’29
Jacob Rothberg ’29
Daniel Wals ’29

Isaiah Afflick ’29
Alexis Mosse ’29
William Sterling ’29

Eitan Carrasco ’29
Noah Veras ’29
Connor Yagnik ’29

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