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Speakers commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Ransom Everglades students on both campuses heard powerful and moving stories from the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Rachel Greer Narvaez '99 and Caryn Pardo addressed students at the middle school on Jan. 25, and Hagit Fefferman spoke to upper school students on Jan. 29.
Izzy Greengrass '30, Emma Hall '30, Ava Paresky '29 and Olivia Pollock '29 jointly introduced the speakers on the middle school campus, and Jewish Student Association President Michael Kaye '24 introduced Fefferman at the upper school. The speakers came from 3GMiami, an organization dedicated to educating children about the consequences of intolerance, discrimination and antisemitism in part by sharing stories from family members of Holocaust survivors. 

"We have the opportunity to gain insights into a chapter of history that must never be forgotten," Paresky said as she helped introduced Pardo. "It is through stories like these that we reinforce our commitment to tolerance, compassion, and a world free from hatred."

Added Pollock: "As we are witnessing an alarming rise of antisemitism around the globe, it is more important than ever for us to recognize the lessons of Holocaust history as we commemorate the victims and honor the survivors."

Kaye, fellow students in the JSA and advisor Myriam Gollan participated in a solemn ceremony on the Lewis Family Auditorium stage recognizing family members of RE students or professional staff who lived during the Holocaust. The information was derived from the JSA's Jewish Ethnicity Project, which over two years has encouraged members of the RE community to share stories passed down from their ancestors.  At the middle school, students participated in a reflection on the Holocaust during the advisory period.

"Every Jewish person has a connection to the Holocaust," Kaye said. "And every person of all faiths, and all backgrounds, was impacted by World War II, which took the lives of 75 million people. The Holocaust is a dark chapter in human history that we must never forget."
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