Middle schoolers delight in musical production of Wizard of Oz

Wearing adorable costumes and performing on a magical set at Swenson Hall, middle school drama students showed their musical range and acting prowess in The Wizard of Oz March 13-15. The spring musical under the direction of drama teacher Cecilia Gonzalez featured Sofie Delic '28 as Dorothy and her charming misfit friends: Ben Brandrick-Morris '29 as Scarecrow; Vivi Pasos '28 as Lion; and Aleko Katsoufis '28 as Tin Man. Izzy Greengrass '30 appeared as Toto, and Cecile Etzbach '29 served as Wicked Witch of the West. Photo Gallery
Other key supporting roles: Lucas Stone '28 was the booming voice behind the Wizard of Oz; Elizabeth Harper '28 and Dexter Falk '28 appeared as Aunt Em and Uncle Henry; Lily Knoll '29 was featured as Glinda and Cohen McDaniel '28 was the Emerald City Doorman.

Gonzalez appeared at the start of the night to personally recognize the talented team of students who served on the Technical Crew to ensure the production's success. Former RE teacher Alina Mendoza designed and made the colorful costumes.

Dorothy Gale, Sofie Delic ’28
Toto, Izzy Greengrass ’30
Hunk/Scarecrow, Ben Brandrick-Morris ’29
Zeke/Lion, Vivi Pasos ’28
Hickory/Tin Man, Aleko Katsoufis ’28
Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West, Cecile Etzbach ’29
Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz, Lucas Stone ’28
Aunt Em, Elizabeth Harper ’28
Uncle Henry, Dexter Falk ’28
Glinda, Lily Knoll ’29
Emerald City Doorman/Nikko, Cohen McDaniel ’28

Munchkins, Ozians and…
Winkie Guard, Webber Druckerman ’28
Tree/Winkie Guard/Jitterbug, Liv Brantley ’29
Tree, Harper Harris ’29
Tree/Jitterbug, Faith Simmons ’29, 
Jitterbug, Bella Mustad ’29, 
Crow/Winkie Guard, Sasha Estefan-Coppola ’30
Crow/Flying Monkey, Christian Bell ’30
Jitterbug, Gwyneth Rothfield ’30
Crow/Flying Monkey, Arin Motwani ’30
Flying Monkey, James Thornton ’30
Winkie Guard, Alyssa Wang ’30
Cat, Marlo Sohn ’30, 
Jitterbug, Hannah Dubovy ’30
Jitterbug, Leia Caplow ’30    

Stage Manager/Projections, Selin Kaleli ’28
Student Director/Sound, Allegra Orlofsky ’28
Lights, Sawyer Nelson-Montet ’28
Mics, Lucas Noblet ’28, Joaquin Gonzalez ’30
Deck Captains, Webber Druckerman ’28, Cohen McDaniel ’28
Dance Captain, Cecile Etzbach ’29
Director and Choreographer, Cecilia Gonzalez (Mrs. G)
Technical Director, Quincy Knowles
Costume Design and Construction, Alina Mendoza
Music Director, Arn Xu
Set Design, Florencia Ancewicz
Lighting Design, Griffin Nelson-Montet ’25
Set Construction, Quincy Knowles, Florencia Ancewicz, Steven Lopez
Production Assistants, Gina Montet, Zoe Katsoufis ’24

Photo Gallery
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