AP Psychology students share their work during symposium

Students in RE's AP Psychology classes presented research posters during the 2024 Social Psychology Symposium that examined how social psychology theories could be applied to current events of their choosing. Working in small groups, the students selected topics ranging from the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny to the prosecution of Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of a school shooter. All shared their work during the April 16 event during the mid-day break in the atrium of the Lewis Family Auditorium.
The students worked under AP Psychology teacher Jenny Carson '02, and they explored the following topics:
  • Brushing through Tweenhood: The Sephora Kid Takeover - Kamran Bhagwan '25 and Luciana Pardo Munoz Ledo '25
  • College Scholastic Ability? More Like Children Stressed Absolutely! - Julia Cuy '25
  • Murdered: Alexei Navalny – Luna Molla '25 and Emma Perdigon '25
  • OnlyFans versus Traditional Jobs - Jordan James '25 and Latrice Nelson '25
  • The Comment Section: Should We Be Getting News from Social Media? – Marley Carrillo '25 and Nina Tekriwal '25
  • The Stanley Cupocalypse - Sophie Ansin '25 and Claudia Colina '25
  • The Success of Barbenhiemer - Takeo Owens '24, Alejandro Urdaneta '24 and Theo Valles '25
  • Walls of Influence: The Trump Campaign’s Psychological Playbook - Gemma Bucci '25 and Cianna Vengoechea Schiff '25
  • Who Really Won? Taylor Swift vs. the NFL - Adriana Carvalho '25, Juliana Perez Rivera '24 and Nina Rivera '25
  • Whose Fault: The Prosecution of Jennifer Crumbley - Pia Drulard '24, Anna Lavernia '25, Alexandra Leiser '25
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