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AP U.S. history students launch web sites on South Florida history

Several dozen sophomore AP U.S. history students worked together to launch individual web sites on various elements of South Florida/Florida history to conclude year-long projects under teachers Greg Cooper and Jennifer Nero. The students chose their own topics, tackling subjects ranging from the Florida Everglades to South Florida's LGBTQ community.

The web sites weren't required; the end goals of the projects were to craft an individual written research abstract and group project. All but two groups elected to utilize student-created websites; one devised an exhibit that was displayed in the library, another assembled a video documentary.
Jessica Blatt, Sonja Lazovic, Ana Lucia Perla and Olivia Perdigon put together the library exhibit, exploring the image of Florida and how the state sought to perpetuate a tourist-friendly image of paradise, downplaying protests and civil rights abuses in the 1950s and 1960s.
The documentarians are Ava Dimond and Cecilia Lopez-Jordan. Their film, “The Art of Immigration,” explores the impact that the immigration of Cubans, Dominicans and Haitians has had on the Miami art scene.

Please feel free to browse our students' online creations:

Evan Azari, Luca Gonzalez-Abreu, and Violet Handforth
- A history of the Everglades, with a focus on Native Americans and the environment
Ande Edmunds, Gabe Echarte and Tomas Gomez
- The impact of the cocaine trade on Miami’s economy and overall society
Lauren Eskra, Rebecca Hadwen, and Megan Zou
- A history of Florida’s LGBT+ community, through poetry
Patrick Geraghty, Gabriel Jaramillo, Ryan Sears and Joshua Silberwasser
- A look at the Latin American and Hispanic influence on Miami-Dade County
Andrew Lorenzen, David Goldstein, Martin Posada and Andrew Swerdlow
- The interwoven histories of Miami and Cuba
Mia Schatz and Hannah Tacher
- The impact of large-scale development projects on South Florida
Alex Lerner and Tucker Weed / Ben Rosenthal and Dylan Roston (2 sites)
- The history of the West Grove
Catie Garcia and Sophia Elliott
- Exploring Miami’s divisions and neighborhood demographics
Ines Pinilla and Rhona He
- An exploration of the history of and forces shaping Overtown and Liberty City
Stephen Kaiser, Scott Kim, Jordan Wong and Jorge Zreik
- A history of urbanization and development in South Florida
Shovan Bhatia, Daniel Freedline and Tomas Pinilla
- A look at the economic, legal, and cultural history of the Miccosukee and Seminole Indians in Florida
Celine de Araujo and Maddie Sharp
- The history of epidemics and medicine in Florida
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