Global Education

Ransom Everglades is committed to graduating students with a global perspective who are able to communicate, empathize, and collaborate as global citizens. With a diverse student body in an international city, Ransom Everglades students confront issues of world politics, culture, and sustainability nearly every day. Our curriculum, particularly in the English and Social Sciences department, immerses students in the history, literature, and current issues facing peoples across the globe, developing students with an appreciation for the complexities and challenges of an interconnected world. Co-curricular initiatives, like our RE Speakers Series, expose students to the work of those engaged in international careers and encourages students to consider the relevance of global issues to their lives in Miami. Travel experiences offer students the opportunities to practice language skills and cultural competencies, and to apply their knowledge of government, history, culture, and art in settings across the world.

Global Travel Offerings (vary from year to year)

  • The Bahamas
  • Boston, MA
  • Canada
  • Costa Rica
  • China
  • England
  • France
  • Iceland
  • Peru
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Spain

A Student's Perspective

“I had journeyed over 8,000 miles not just to participate in the expected activities: climbing the Great Wall of China, wandering through The Forbidden City, experiencing the gravity of Tiananmen Square. More importantly, I visited China and bonded, intellectually and emotionally, with the individuals I met. Traveling to China and experiencing the nuances of the locals’ individual lives had once seemed so abstract but became my reality. Rather than evaluating the country from afar and forming a general, distant impression, I was able to sharpen my perception and permeate the cultural barrier that inhibits tourists from uncovering a deeper level of connection. The complexity of another culture can be understood in the most rudimentary of ways, in terms of basic human connection. Eleven days in China put my view of the country and its people into perspective and taught me that the only way to truly understand what is foreign is to find within it the familiar, and to embrace it.

Lea Warshaw ‘16

Learn More About our Global Programs

Featured Club: LEAP

LEAP is a microlending club, whose mission is to grant small loans to underserved entrepreneurs in nations around the world. Students meet weekly to identify potential borrowers and extend loans –from club funds - through the non-profit organization, Kiva. During the lending process, students consider the cultural, environmental, and demographic contexts of potential borrowers in addition to traditional financial qualifications. The top five countries in which LEAP has supported entrepreneurship are Philippines, Peru, Kenya, Cambodia, and Bolivia. The club provides students a unique opportunity to help underserved communities while learning about microfinance and gaining a broader cultural awareness.
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