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Algebra 2

Ransom Campus
Grade Level: rising 9-11
Prerequisites: Algebra 1 and department approval*
Approval for RE students: Before registering, please speak with Ms. Bose and/or your current math teacher. Then submit this form. The Dean of Studies will notify you if you are approved to register.
Credit: This course will earn 1 math credit (the equivalent of a full-year course) for Ransom Everglades students. The final grade in the course will appear on the Ransom Everglades transcript and will be included in the calculation of GPA.

Algebra 2 provides a continuation of algebra for students who have completed Algebra 1. The topics covered in Algebra 2 include properties of real numbers, simplifying algebraic expressions, solving linear equations and inequalities, absolute value, systems of linear equations, linear functions and their graphs, linear programming, polynomials, rational expressions, number systems (irrational and complex), solving quadratic equations and inequalities, quadratic functions and their graphs, variation, solving polynomial equations, analytic geometry, exponential and logarithmic functions, conics, matrices and determinants. The goals of the course include applying the skills learned in Algebra 1, improving students’ written communication skills in mathematics and using the graphing calculator as a learning tool and problem solver.

This course is for advancement. Because of the speed and rigor at which this course is taught, it is only open to our strongest students; departmental approval is required for enrollment.

*Upon enrollment, students will be placed on a list until department approval is acquired.
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