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Creative architecture during REmote School

One of the many examples of RE faculty members finding opportunity in the challenges presented by REmote School can be seen in the upper school architecture classes of longtime art teacher Astrid Dalins. Her architecture students transitioned into virtual learning seamlessly, relying on their ingenuity, a little help from Blick Art Supply and household items they put to academic use. Keep reading to learn more.
Architecture 1
Architectural Design Level 1 begins with two projects. The first stresses form. The students are asked to create three structures from a set of carboard pieces which they cut themselves into specifically sized pieces creating a "kit of parts." The students are asked to not think of size, scale or function of buildings, but rather variations in shape and how that relates to flow and movement. The next project deals with function over form. The students are given a footprint of an actual two-bedroom apartment. They are charged with creating the living space incorporating the extensive natural light of the full-length balcony window as one of the many restrictions. Bedrooms,  Bathrooms, closets, utility rooms and all aspects of function must be designed and built to scale.  Separating form and function allows the student to explore architecture out of the context on preconceived ideas based on buildings around them. The next step in architectural design is to give some historical context from a variety of sources. Each student drew an architect's name from a basket and was charged with doing research on the architect and a representational structure. The students gave virtual presentations to the class and then reconstructed the associated structures. With the help of Blick Art Supply, students received packages consisting of hot melt glue guns and presentation board for their model construction. Students used their imaginations to find household items such as string, wire, foil, etc. to add details. The students gave virtual presentations describing the actual structures and how they went about reproducing them. The project continued with lessons on two-point perspective and the creation of renderings of their structures.
Architecture 2 & 3
In keeping with the bridge contest theme, students in Architecture 2 & 3 were each assigned to research and share a virtual class presentation of one of many famous and extraordinary bridges in the world. They were then charged with recreating the structures using board and hot melt glue and materials they found around their homes. The students also gave virtual class presentations on the construction of their models.  
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