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Middle schoolers score with Zombie Prom

Ransom Everglades middle school drama students rallied around a lovable zombie – Gustavo do Valle ’26 – in Zombie Prom, the off-Broadway musical that turned the Swenson Hall stage into Enrico Fermi High. The lively cast welcomed do Valle back from the dead and into the arms of his former crush, Noa Garcia ’27, while they jointly fended off the opposition of the zealous Miss Strict, played by Orli Ressler ’26.
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A reporter, John McCarron ’26, covered every twist in the saga and then figured in the surprising finale, which had the audience equally charmed and amused. The production, which played to large crowds from March 9-11, was the culmination of months of work under director and choreographer Cecilia Gonzalez, with assistance from technical director Quincy Knowles.

Nearly two dozens students played major roles in the musical, singing, dancing and contributing to the often witty banter amid the 17 musical numbers.
Toffee Little, Noa Garcia ’27
Miss Delilah Strict, Orli Ressler ’26
Candy, *Sofie Delić ’28 
Coco, Dani Garcia ’26
Ginger, Cece Moyle ’28
Peaches, Sloane Schwartz ’28
’Lil Debbie, Leila Boyer ’27
Jonny Warner, Gustavo do Valle ’26
Jake, Lucas Sanchez ’27
Joey, Lucas Gonzalez ’27
Josh, Dexter Falk ’28
Jasper, Mateo Sauceda ’26
Jeffrey, Christopher Harper ’26
Toffee’s Mother/Teacher, Miranda Silva ’26
Toffee’s Father/Teacher, Patrick Keedy Brown ’26
Eddie Flagrante, John McCarron ’26
Sheila/Student, *Aaliyah Asghar ’26
Stage Manager/Teacher, Caro Linfante ’26
Announcer/Student, Morgan Williams ’26
Darla Darlington/Student, Lilah Murphy ’27
Motorwise Gasoline Dancer/Teacher, Ginger Seabrook ’26
Motorwise Gasoline Dancer/Student, Chloe Steinberg ’27
*Dance Captain

Production Manager/Sound, Leyla Farrah Amjad ’26
Stage Manager, Dominique Cederberg ’26
Lights, Sawyer Nelson-Montet ’28
Mics, Lucas Noblet ’28 and Olivia Noblet ’26
Make-up/Deck Crew, Lael Sanders ’26
Production Assistant, Zoe Katsoufis ’24
Director and Choreographer, Cecilia Gonzalez
Music Director, Arn Xu
Technical Director, Quincy Knowles
Costume Design, Alina Mendoza
Makeup Design, Gina Montet

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