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RE drama scores with madcap Clue: On Stage!

With period-perfect costumes, an elaborate set, spooky sound effects and an extraordinary cast, Ransom Everglades drama executed the madcap mystery Clue: On Stage! with skill and hilarity in front of large crowds April 7-8 at the Lewis Family Auditorium. Leads Nicolas Maynulet ’23, Natasha do Valle ’23, Alejandro Andrade ’25, Tager Lehr ’25, Celeste Viana ’22, Armando Segrera ’25, Zoe Holzman ’22, Natasha Rodriguez ’23, Jaerla Sajous ’25 and Matthew Zide ’22 traded one-liners and shared the spotlight, making the performances under director Laura Montes a team effort.

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Kathleen Stanton-Sharpless ’22 served as stage manager, and the set came together under the direction of Quincy Knowles. Dozens of students contributed behind the scenes, handling everything from sound to lighting to set construction.


Wadsworth, Nicolas Maynulet ’23
Yvette, Natasha Do Valle ’23
Mr. Body, Alejandro Andrade ’25
Colonel Mustard, Tager Lehr ’25
Mrs. White, Celeste Viana ’22
Professor Plum, Armando Segrera ’25
Miss Scarlet, Zoe Holtzman ’22/Natasha Rodriguez ’23
Mrs. Peacock, Jaerla Sajous ’25
Mr. Green, Matthew Zide ’22
Cook, Finn Oberg ’24
Chief of police, Mikey Day ’25
Cop, Trinity Haisch ’24
Motorist/Newscaster voice, Rowan Tolon ’24
Telegram delivery girl, Gabrielle Lieberman ’24
Mysterious shadows, Sasha Zack ’25, Lucia Soto ’24, Gracie Hucks ’24, Emma Holtzman ’24, Ronja Stargala ’25, Erika Sieblesz ’23
Back up cop, Charlotte Kennedy ’24, Briana Girala ’25, Maya Shaked ’24
Senator McCarthy’s voice, Greg Cooper

Production/Creative Team
Director, Laura Montes
Assistant Directors, Zoe Holtzman/Natasha Rodriguez
Technical Director & Set Design, Quincy Knowles
Choreographer, Matthew Zide ’22
Stage Manager, Kathleen Stanton-Sharpless ’22
Assistant Stage Manager,Eve Schultz, Nina Tekriwal ’24
Lightboard Operator, Diana Gonzalez ’24
Soundboard Operator, Jordan Sayfie Porcelli ’25
Flyman 1, Griffin Nelson-Montet ’25
Flyman 2, Jeidy Labaut ’22
Stage Right Deck Captain, Eve Schultz ’25
Stage Left Deck Captain, Nina Tekriwal ’25
Stagehands, Catherine Buckner ’24, Gerardo Mena ’24, Charlotte Kennedy ’24, Maya Shaked ’24, Briana Girala ’25

Set Build Crew/All Personnel
Alan Motoki ’24, Alex Garcon ’24, Catherine Buckner ’24, Derrick Ma ’24, Diana Gonzalez ’24, Erick Gross ’24, Eve Schultz ’25, Carlos Emilio del Cañal Fernandez ’25, Jordan Sayfie Porcelli ’25, Gabriela Pena ’24, Gaby Martinez ’24, Griffin Nelson-Montet ’25, Ivan Rosenfeld ’25, Jake Perdigon ’24, Kate Demos-Brown ’23, Kathleen Stanton-Sharpless ’22, Lucas Bell ’24, Lucas Blanco ’24, Matias Blanco ’25, Milo Gorey ’24, Nina Rodriguez ’25, Nina Tekriwal ’25, Ryan Berkshire ’23, Trinity Haisch ’24, Veronica Kerr ’23, Victor Fariñas ’24, Victoria Paraoulaki de Miranda ’24

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