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Inaugural strings and band festival keeps audience on the move

Middle school band and strings students performed in various venues on the Everglades Campus for the inaugural Middle School Band and Strings Festival Concert on Oct. 19, which allowed concert goers to move from room to room, taking in a variety of music – much of which was Halloween-themed. Those in attendance received up-close looks at the student performers and also enjoyed class insights from performing arts instructors Cathi Leibinger and Scott O'Donnell. Photo Gallery
The event marked the first time in recent memory at RE the strings and band programs have shared a performance evening. From the start at 7:30 p.m., concert goers could choose from performances in the library with RE's string ensembles, smaller shows in the band room with groups of students who shared the same instrument, and a host of solos in individual classrooms – 24 students performed solos. The string ensembles played "This is Halloween," "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "The Haunted Carousel" and "The Haunted Ballroom."

Raider Band solos - Flute, Beginning Flute, Beginning Clarinet
Israel Garcia '28, Flute
Alex Lombard '29, Flute
Sukhari Afflick '27, Flute
Dylan Kantesaria '29, Clarinet

Raider Band solos - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, ContraAlto Clarinet
Aly Kaplan '28, Clarinet
Joey Louis '28, Clarinet
Alex Quintero Kontopoulos '28, Bass Clarinet
Yiani Tettamanti '28, Contra Alto Clarinet
Raider Band solos - Saxophone 8th Grade
Stella Armstrong '27, Alto Sax
Aaron Sadovnik '27, Alto Sax
Simone Carrasco '27, Tenor Sax
William Ramirez '27, Bari Sax

Raider Band solos - Saxophone 7th Grade
Eitan Sawicki '28, Alto Sax
Robbie Stieglitz '28, Tenor Sax
Inti Yankelevich '28, Alto Sax

Raider Band solos - Trumpet, Horn
Lorenzo Antoine '27, Trumpet
Samuel Davis '28, Trumpet
Annabelle Etra '28, Horn
Joaquim Horvilleur '28, Horn

Raider Band solos - Live Accompanist
Roberto Erana '27, Alto Sax
Salo Sawicki '27, Oboe
Avery Zubok '27, Clarinet
Isaac Zide '28, Trumpet
Lucas Noblet '28, Percussion

Beginning Group 1: Period 4 Trombone/Euphonium/Tuba
Trombone: David Martin '29, Jacob Rothberg '29, Daniel Wals '29
Euphonium: Isaiah Afflick '29
Tuba: Matthew Pomeraniec '29, Noah Veras '29
Beginning Group 2: Period 6 Euphonium/Tuba
Euphonium: Alexis Mosse '29, William Sterling '29
 Tuba: Eitan Carrasco '29, Connor Yagnik '29
Beginning Group 3: Trumpets
Benjamin Alexander '28
John Hadjilogiou '29
Eloise Battier '29
Rahul Kumar '29
Alexander Bontas '29
Sebastian Lara '29
Jaaz Brooks '29
Oliver Mark '29
William Duncan '29
Edward Ronan '29
Harrison Filer '29
Hudson Yarckin '29

Beginning Group 4: Horns
Beatrice Hill '29
John Lew '29
Olivia Karp '28
Evan Powe '29

Beginning Group 5: Clarinet
Sebastian Appel '29
Matt Khvorostianyi '29
Liv Brantley '29
Mia Lipovaca '29
Annabella Ciocca '29
Manu Mendes '29
Charlie Gershman '29
Axel Sirinyan '29

Beginning Group 6: Saxophones
Daniel Bry '27
Quinnard Mays '28
Daniel Coscarelli '29
Billy Newton '29
Cody Lindemann '28
Noah Sterling '29

Chamber String Ensemble Members
Ivanna Barroso Ruiz ’28 violin
Gillian Carvalho ’29 violin
Eva Cunningham ’27 violin
Emma Fayad ’27 violin
Sloane Mason ’27 viola
Ethan Moskovitz ’27 cello

Intermediate/ Advanced Combined String Ensemble Members
Sienna Bautista ’27 violin
Zachary Corbin-Cheah ‘27 violin
Andres Fonseca ’27 violin
Eve Kingdon ’29 violin
Lily Kingdon ’29 violin
Sienna Bautista ’27 violin
Zachary Corbin-Cheah ‘27 violin
Andres Fonseca ’27 violin
Eve Kingdon ’29 violin
Lily Kingdon ’29 violin
Andrea Medina ’28 viola
Nicolas Motoki ’27 violin
Xaviera Awad ’29 violin
Becca Haywood ’29 violin
Harlan Hoenig ’28 cello
Brian Kaiser ’29 violin
Brayden McDaniel ’27 violin
Esha Nagalla ’29 violin

Beginning String Ensemble Members
Jack Akselrad ’28 cello
Julia Bernstein ’29 cello
Ciaran Clingan ’29 viola
William Earle ’29 violin
Sydney Forrester ’29 violin
Karim Ghandour ’29 cello
Jahan Jayanetti ’29 viola
Ivan LeFrak ’29 violin
Rafael Leitao ’29 viola
Ivy Leto ’29 cello
Raif London ’29 violin
Aislin Moul ’29 cello
Vinay Rajadhyaksha ’29 cello
Porter Sanderson ’29 viola
Kat Sullivan ’29 violin
Jayden Thomas ’29 violin
Sebastian Villamizar ’29 cello
Ryan Vinocur ’28 violin
Avery White ’29 cello

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