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Middle school entertains with Creepy Campfire Tales

RE's middle schoolers acted out the frightening stories told around a campfire in Creepy Campfire Tales, from the tale of the giant teddy bear that gobbled up mean girls to the yarn about the haunted blanket that terrorized babysitters. The stories shared on a scary night with lost summer camper, Maryam Astorga '28, were as funny as they were creepy, and the play concluded with a surprising twist at Swenson Hall Oct. 26-28.  Photo Gallery
More than two dozen students shared the spotlight, and director Gina Montet made a point of introducing the entire student production team and backstage crew to applause before the play began. After stumbling into a group of summer campers at Camp Yaputka, Astorga was persuaded to hang around and listen to tales told by her new campmates – Izzy Stewart '28, Daniel Fernandez '27, Allegra Orlofsky '28, Dexter Falk '28 and Lilah Murphy '27

A host of students played major roles in the four stories shared around the campfire. See the full cast below.

"Here at Ransom Everglades, we take tremendous pride in the fact that all of our shows are 100 percent student run," Montet said before the show on Oct. 27. "We adults just make sure their shoes are tied and they don't run with scissors; everything else is up to them ... You are going to see some really fun stuff tonight."


Charlie - Maryam Astorga ’28
Hollis - Izzy Stewart ’28
Tony - Daniel Fernandez ’27
Pat - Allegra Orlofsky ’28
Mickey - Dexter Falk ’28
Jesse Lilah Murphy ’27

Sydney - Gabrielle Tchira ’27
Kelsey-  Flavia Contreras ’28
Kasey - Bruna Damato ’29
Kendall - Sofie Delić ’28

Mrs. Torrance - Gabriella Rothberg ’27
Jordan-  Vivi Pasos ’28
Danny - Cris Torres ’29

Professor Newt - Stella Armstrong ’27
Chris - William Stockman ’28
Reese - Vivi Pasos ’28
Ryan - Trip Barrington ’29 
Robin - Lucas Sanchez ’27
Max - Lily Merrick ’29
Morgan - Gabrielle Heckler ’27  
Nurse Gill - Gabriella Rothberg ’27
Student - Gabi Horvilleur ’29

Taylor - Addie Rothfield ’27
Mother - Chloe Steinberg ’27
Father - Lucas Sanchez ’27
Messenger - Trip Barrington ’29
Brother - Cris Torres ’29
Blake - Elizabeth Harper ’28
Brett - Gabriella Rothberg ’27
Bailey - Sloane Schwartz ’28
Beauty Genie - Sofie Delić ’28

James Sardina ’29, Bella Mustad ’29, Joaquim Horvilleur ’28


Student Directors: Ava Crowley ’27, Garoe del Coso ’27
Stage Manager: Selin Kaleli ’28
Director: Gina Montet
Costume Design: Alina Mendoza
Set, Lighting, Production Design: Eric Nelson
Technical Director: Quincy Knowles
Sound Engineer: Lucas Noblet ’28, Webber Druckerman ’28
Lighting Technician: Sawyer Nelson-Montet ’28
Production Suppor:t Cecilia Gonzalez
Scenic Art & Carpentry: Quincy Knowles, Florencia Ancewicz, Steven Lopez, Olivia Noblet ’26, Morgan Williams ’26, Griffin Nelson-Montet ’25, Nora Brue ’25, Olivia Augustin ’26, Lina Febres ’26, Egyptia Green ’25, Miguel Kumar ’25, Grace Lindenauer ’26, Ronja Stargala ’25, Beatrice Hernandez ’26

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