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Senior Send-off begins countdown to commencement

The Class of 2023 began the countdown to commencement with the traditional bricklaying, words of encouragement from class salutatorian Theodore Ma '23, and a party in the gymnasium during the annual Baccalaureate/Senior Send-off. The event on May 13 also included a performance of "The Climb" by Natasha Rodriguez ’23, who dedicated the song to her classmates, and recognition of "legacy" seniors – those with RE alumni parents. Photo Gallery
The festivities opened at the Lewis Family Auditorium, where attendees heard from then-Interim Head of School Rachel Rodriguez, COO and Interim Head of the Upper School David Clark ’86, Dean of the Senior Class Roger Caron and Senior Class Sponsor Jorge Guzman.

“Class of 2023: We need you to know that we are incredibly proud of you,” Rodriguez said. “You are the reason for all the joy in the school … You showed the other students what it meant to be joyful.”

Said Clark: “You have all helped us define Ransom Everglades this year. You have done great things the right way, and you are deserving of our endless praise, admiration and recognition.”

A centerpiece of the event was the salutatorian address from Ma, who urged his classmates to be fearless as they head off to college where they will navigate what he described as a labyrinth of unfamiliar experiences.

“It is likely that we will not succeed at first,” he said. “It is okay to get lost. During these times, it is important to remember that failure is not the opposite of success, despite what the dictionary says. Failure is the opposite of trying. It’s refusing to take risks. It’s not embracing the opportunities that lie in front of you … I encourage all of you to be fearless in the pursuit of your passions.”

Students also heard from current trustee and former alumni board president Agustin “Konky” Arellano ’90, who officially welcomed the Class of 2023 to the RE alumni community. Arellano, who has volunteered at RE for the last 13 years, encouraged the graduating seniors to continue their Raider pride even as they depart the campus – and he thanked them for a spirited year

“There’s a definite vibe on campus these days, a swagger,” Arellano said. “It’s palpable, it’s real, and it’s you. I haven’t felt an energy like this for many years and it’s a credit to you for bringing it back.”

Arellano recognized each of the 27 seniors with at least one parent who attended Ransom Everglades. 

Senior enjoyed class videos prepared by student body president Loriz Arencibia '23 and Jake Perdigon '24. After the event, seniors proceeded to the Miller Quad where they laid bricks with their names and class years on the part of the walkway designated for the Class of 2023.

The evening concluded with dinner in the Anderson gymnasium.

The event followed the festivities that accompanied the last day of classes on May 12, when seniors took a class photo in their college t-shirts before jumping in the Ansin Pool.

Legacy members of the Class of 2023
Brunella Rebessi Barnett '93 and Ian Barnett'23
David Bricker '82 and Eva Bricker '23
Leslie Cypen Diamond ‘92 & Peter Diamond '92 and Lila Diamond '23
Tania Dominguez '87 and Dylan Miner '23
Jody Drulard '90 and Olivia Drulard '23
Marcelo Fernandes '84 and Maya Fernandes '23
Davey Frankel '88 and June Frankel '23
Adam Gelber '88 and Annika Gelber '23
Lee Geller '89 and Alexa Geller '23
Evan Goldman ’93 and Ryan Vainder ‘23
Olga Gomez '81 and Sonia Toubes '23
Eric Gould '85 and Mia Gould '23
Christy Hertz Schurr '86 and Jessica Friedman '23
Jennifer Cypen Kaplan '90 and Benjamin Kaplan '23
Melissa Krinzman '86 and Liv Steinhardt '23
Elana Oberstein-Harris '93 and Jack Harris '23
Lisa Nadler Pearson '90 and Tanner Pearson '23
Lola Arellano Pegg '93 and Jackson Pegg    '23
Bruno Rebessi '91 and Paolo Rebessi '23
Lisa Gaffin Rosenberg '93 and Ivy Rosenberg '23
Lawrence Sanders '86 and Annabelle Sanders '23
Michelle Simkins Rubell '90 and Liv Rubell '23
Scott Srebnick '83 and A.J. Srebnick '23
Lissette Suarez Stancioff '86 and Daniel Stancioff '23
Cornelia Taudt-Ehrling '88 and Colin Ehrling '23
Mark Touby '88 and Jack Touby '23

Photo Gallery
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