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Middle school students dazzle with Robin Hood

Middle school drama students performed with dazzling skill and comic timing beyond their years, offering a hilarious take on Robin Hood by James W. Moore during three performances at Swenson Hall Nov. 8-10. The dashing Robin Hood, played by Stefano Kruger '28, and his Merry Band (Vivi Pasos '28, Aleko Katsoufis '28, Diego Andrade '28, Pace Caplow '30, Christian Bell '30) took on a host of bad guys (Cohen McDaniel '28, Sawyer Nelson Montet '28, Sasha Estefan-Coppola '30, William Stockman '28) in the fast-paced, fast-talking comedy adventure directed by Elizabeth Harper '28 and faculty member Gina Montet.

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Cast of Characters

Robin Hood, Stefano Kruger ’28
Sheriff of Nottingham, Cohen McDaniel ’28
Marian, Vivi Pasos ’28
Prince John, Sawyer Nelson-Montet ’28
Will Scarlett, Aleko Katsoufis ’28
Little John, Diego Andrade ’28
The Kid, Pace Caplow ’30
Friar Tuck, Christian Bell ’30
Sir Guy, Sasha Estefan-Coppola ’30
King Richard, William Stockman ’28
Olivia, Allegra Orlofsky ’28
Sir Grey (Guard), Dexter Falk ’28
Wilhelm (Guard), Gabi Horvilleur ’29
Matilda (Guard), Sofie Delic ’28
Enid (Guard), Joaquin Gonzalez ’30
Ernest (Guard), Miles Caplow ’30

The Nottingham Players
Lucas Stone Perez ’28, Harper Harris ’29, Aziza Apara ’29, Cecile Etzbach ’29, Leia Caplow ’30, Marlo Sohn ’30, Ubai del Coso Pena ’30, Alyssa Wang ’30

Production Team
Student Director, Elizabeth Harper ’28
Director, Gina Montet
Costume Design, Alina Mendoza
Production Design, Eric Nelson
Technical Director, Quincy Knowles
Stage Manager, Selin Kaleli ’28
Lighting Design, Griffin Nelson-Montet ’25
Sound Engineer, Lucas Noblet ’28
Lighting Technician, Webber Druckerman ’28
Backstage Crew, James Sardina ’29, Joaquim Horvilleur ’28, Bella Mustad ’29
Production Support, Cecilia Gonzalez, Steven Lopez

Scenic Art & Carpentry
Steven Lopez, Tijana Canic ’14, Cohen McDaniel ’28, Sawyer Nelson-Montet ’28, Diego Andrade ’28, Dexter Falk ’28, Joaquim Horvilleur ’28, Lucas Stone Perez ’28, Israel Garcia ’28, Griffin Nelson-Montet ’25, Chloe Steinberg ’27, Patrick Keedy Brown ’26, Chloe Dubose ’26, Sabine Wolfensberger ’27, Connor Alfonso ’26, Charlie Reizenstein ’26, Armando Segrera ’25, Christopher Harper ’26, Tager Lehr ’25, Mateo Sauceda ’26, Jaerla Sajous ’25, Gabrielle Heckler ’27, Sofia Mena ’27, Ronja Stargala ’25, Olivia Noblet ’26, Angelina Febres ’26, Chloe Alfonso ’24, Jilly Demos-Brown ’25, Luciana Pardo ’25, Beatrice Hernandez ’26, Egyptia Green ’25, Olivia Augustin ’26, Kamran Bhagwan ’25

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