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Middle school musicians steal the show at the upper school

Those who attended the Winter Harmony concert on Dec. 6 at the Lewis Family Auditorium enjoyed a musical doubleheader in a full-size concert hall. More than 130 middle school students in Ransom Everglades' middle school strings, band and vocal ensemble programs traveled to the upper school for a hastily assembled – but expertly executed and thoroughly delightful – nearly two-hour musical extravaganza, a dynamic event devised in response to the postponement of a planned strings and vocal concert in late November.
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To ensure that the show would go on, the postponed concert was combined with an upcoming band concert, then moved from Swenson Hall at the middle school to the much-larger upper school venue. The evening's concert resembled a field trip for the young musicians, who traveled from the middle school by bus to the upper school immediately after school. Upon arrival, they rehearsed, ate dinner together, did homework and then changed into their concert attire by showtime.

Director of Arts Shawn Costantino emceed the event, and RE performing arts faculty conducted: Scott O'Donnell led all three string orchestras; Laura Montes directed the vocal ensemble; and Cathi Leibinger the band students. The evening included the usual middle school medley: updates from the various directors on the students' progress to provide a backdrop for their performances.

Beginning String Orchestra
Violin 1
Felicia Bland ’30
Hannah May ’29

Violin 2
Siena Satyanarayana ’30
Erin Cunningham ’30
Mason Pearce ’30
Jackson Jones ’30
Annabelle Ciocca ’28

Beau Halpern ’30
Georgie Karavetsos ’30
Jake Reinhard ’30

Elizabeth Fernandez ’30
Celine Dubose ’30

Noah Lopes ’30

Intermediate String Orchestra
Violin 1
Xaviera Awad ’29
Sydney Forrester ’29
Ria Pabby ’30
Jayden Thomas ’29

Violin 2
Ryan Vinocur ’28
Raif London ’29
Daniela Vergara ’28
Maya Sigelman ’30
Enrique Teran ’30
Adam Rizvi ’30

Jack Akselrad ’28
Porter Sanderson ’29
Ciaran Clingan ’29

Aislin Moul ’29
Harlan Hoenig ’28
Julia Bernstein ’29

Jahan Jayanetti ’29
Advanced String Orchestra
Violin 1
Gillian Carvalho ’29
Eve Kingdon ’29
Lily Kingdon ’29
Ivanna Barroso Ruiz ’28

Violin 2
Esha Nagalla ’29
Becca Haywood ’29
Ethan Siesel ’30

Andrea Medina ’28

Karim Ghandour ’29
Scott O’Donnell, Strings Music Director

Middle School Vocal Ensemble
Alexandra Brandrick-Morris ’29
Yohann Calixte ’30
Victoria Costa ’30
Tallulah Davis ’30
Cole Durham ’29
Cecile Etzbach ’29
Olive Gelpi ’30
Franco Gonzalez ’30
Elizabeth Hutchinson ’30
Matthew Jackson ’30
Grace Kern ’30
Ava Larralde ’30
William Lower ’29
Hudson Lubow ’30
Alejandro Menoyo Kossick ’30
Pablo Munoz Montes ’29
Ruth Newton ’29
Veronica Puig ’28
Sania Ranadive ’30
Antonella Romero ’30
Gwyneth Rothfield ’30
Salma Salman ’30
Freya Samuel ’30
Sidney Schwartz ’29
Chloe Simon ’30
Zoe Theiler ’30
Robert Thornburg ’30
Victoria Waibel ’30
Radha Willig ’28

Laura Montes, Choral Director
Raider Band
Israel Garcia ’28
Alex Lombard ’29

Alto Sax
Alex Quintero Kontopoulos ’28
Inti Yankelevich ’28

Tenor Sax
Robbie Stieglitz ’28

Benjamin Alexander ’28
Isaac Zide ’28

Annabelle Etra ’28
Beatrice Hill ’29
Joaquim Horvilleur ’28
Eitan Carrasco ’29

Beatrice Hill ’29
Israel Garcia ’28

Lucas Noblet ’28
Beginning Band
Aziza Apara ’29
Amanda Lozano ’30

Leo Font ’30
Liam Knott ’30
Pearson Nadeau ’30
Nicolas Vanegas ’30

Alto Sax
Amel Bassart ’29
Gio Giuliani ’30
Yifan Shen ’30
Alix Sofronia ’30
Sebastian Whitehead ’30

Rohan Harihara ’30
Vincent Julian ’30
John Conner Lie-Nielsen ’30
Gabriel Revilla ’30
Henry Zimbler ’30
Joaquin Gonzalez ’30

Dima Gavnikov-Ferraro ’30
Martin Gras ’30
Rafa Jayaram ’30
Spencer Vinocur ’30

Zarah Broome-Webster ’30
Alejandro Gonzalez ’30
Leighton McLean ’29
Rafael Millares ’30

Caden Thomas ’30
RE Intermediate Band
Sophie Wang ’29

Sebastian Appel ’29
Dylan Kantesaria ’29
Matt Khvorostianyi ’29

Alto Sax
Daniel Coscarelli ’29
Alejandro Gomez ’30
Billy Newton ’29
Matthew Pomeraniec ’29
Noah Sterling ’29
Inti Yankelevich ’28

Jaaz Brooks ’29
Will Duncan ’29
John Hadjilogiou ’29
Rahul Kumar ’29
Oliver Mark ’29

Kai Koita ’30
John Lew ’29
Evan Powe ’29

David Martin ’29
Daniel Wals ’29

Izaiah Afflick ’29
Alexis Mosse ’29
William Sterling ’29

Noah Veras ’29
Connor Yagnik ’29

Cathi Leibinger, Band Director

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