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Jazz and guitar musicians show their progress

Ransom Everglades guitar and band students showed their promise and progress at the first Jazz and Guitar Concert of the year on Nov. 14 at the Lewis Family Auditorium. Culminating in four pieces by the RE Combo, the concert highlighted guitar students from three levels of classes and jazz musicians in the school’s three jazz combos and RE Jazz Band. Director of Arts Shawn Costantino and Band Director Jon Hamm directed the event.  Photo Gallery
Vocalist Lucia Corrochano ’26 performed with the RE Guitar II Ensemble and Combined RE Guitar Ensemble, singing "Hallelujah" and "Have You Ever Seen the Rain." Will Malone ’24 performed vocals with the Blue Note Combo, the school’s second-ranking combo behind the RE Combo. See all the performers below:

Guitar I
Drea Buchman ’26
Siena Cernuda ’27
Giacomo Chinoy ’27
Jasper Frankel ’27
Santi Gil Rivero ’26
Juliana Hommen ’27
Justin Kaplan ’25*
Naman Kumar ’25*
Enrique Macias ’26
Joaquin Merlo-Garzon ’24*
Lucas Praca ’27
Ivan Rosenfeld ’25*
Ellie Stokes ’26
Andres Torres ’27
Isaac Weinberg ’27
Sacha Bidermann ’26
Guitar II
Rafi Bonafonte ’25*
Lucia Corrochano ’26
Jack He ’25*
Eli Dimond ’27
Green Mill Combo
Alexander Kazumoff ’25*, keyboard, leader
Antonio de Andrade ’27, guitar
Patricio de Lope ’25*, guitar
Morgan Williams ’26, bass
Lili Poses ’26, drums
Eric Wilson ’24*, guitar, bass
Blue Note Combo
Pedro Jereisati ’26, drums
Eric Wilson ’24*, bass
Noah Martin ’25*, guitar
Sofia Rakhimi ’25*, piano
Paloma Lopes ’25*, piano/vibraphone
Martin Piedrahita ’24*, trumpet, leader
Will Malone ’24*, valve trombone
Varun Raju ’24*, alto saxophone
Carlos Horcasitas ’25*, baritone saxophone
RE Combo
Griffin Nelson-Montet ’25*, drums
Isabel Chong ’24*, bass
Santi Sauceda ’24*, piano
Miguel Arango ’24*, trumpet
Ari Bennett ’24*, tenor saxophone
* inducted into the Tri-M National
Music Honor Society, fall 2023

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