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Dozens of students recognized at the Upper School Underclassmen Awards ceremony

More than four dozen students earned recognition for academic excellence and living out Ransom Everglades' mission and core values at the Upper School Underclassmen Awards ceremony at the Lewis Family Auditorium on May 21. Photo Gallery
Head of School Rachel Rodriguez and COO and Interim Head of the Upper School David Clark '86 provided a welcome at the start of the May 21 ceremony, a partner to the Senior Awards Ceremony that took place in April. Rodriguez congratulated students for embodying the school's core values of Support & Community, Diversity & Inclusion, Honor & Excellence, Joy & Wellbeing and Service & Outreach in 2023-24.

"You put our core values at the base of all you do," she said from the Lewis Family Auditorium stage. "This has been an amazing year with great challenges. As a community, that is where we grow."

The class deans, Karen Key (11th), Albert Adatto (10th) and Karen Thompson (9th) presented the first annual Core Value Awards for their respective classes: Joy & Wellbeing: Alexander Sargi '25, Lucas Jaffee '26, Ella Arnold '27.  Service & Outreach: Adaya Yang '25, Christopher Tsialas '26, Ava Crowley '27. Support & Community: Carlos del Cañal Fernandez '25, Lola Pegg '26, Mateo Delgado '27. Diversity & Inclusion: Sofia Rakhimi '25, Leyla Amjad '26, Sukhari Afflick '27. Honor & Excellence: Kayra Serpenguzel '25, Max Grunwald '26, Simone Carrasco '27.

Department heads/coordinators presented awards in various academic disciplines, and more than a dozen juniors received 11th-grade book awards.

John Tsialas and Flavia Tomasello, the parents of Antonio Tsialas '19, presented the Antonio Tsialas '19 Leadership Award to Kaige Brown '25, and Upper School Dean of Student Activities Laura Miller presented Mia Bouyoucef '25 with the Princeton Service Award.

See the full list of award winners below:

Grade 9
Core Value Awards
Joy & Wellbeing
Ella Arnold ‘27
Service & Outreach
Ava Crowley ‘27
Support & Community
Mateo Delgado ‘27
Diversity & Inclusion
Sukhari Afflick ‘27
Honor & Excellence
Simone Carrasco ‘27
Damien Kaminski '89 
Lucas Sanchez ‘27
Ann Goesel Everglades School
Juliana Hommen ‘27
Grade 10
Core Value Awards
Joy & Wellbeing
Lucas Jaffee ‘26
Service & Outreach
Christopher Tsialas ‘26
Support & Community
Lola Pegg ‘26
Diversity & Inclusion
Leyla Amjad ‘26
Honor & Excellence
Max Grunwald ‘26
Outstanding Scholarship, Character, and Leadership
Sophia Linfield ‘26
Grade 11
Core Value Awards
Joy & Wellbeing
Alexander Sargi ‘25
Service & Outreach
Adaya Yang ‘25
Support & Community
Carlos del Cañal Fernandez ‘25
Diversity & Inclusion
Sofia Rakhimi ‘25
Honor & Excellence
Kayra Serpenguzel ‘25
Grade 11 Book Awards
Mia Campbell ‘25
Jillian Demos-Brown ‘25
Henry Berler ‘25
Ethan Sullivan ‘25
Andrew Gedde ‘25
Johns Hopkins
David Martinez ‘25
St. Michael’s College
Carlos Horcasitas ‘25
Suffolk University
Jaral Arroyo-Jefferson ‘25
Tulane University
Nina Rivera ‘25
University of Pennsylvania
Sirja Joeveer ‘25
University of Rochester (Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award)
Dieter Manstein ‘25
University of Rochester (Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony)
Anuradha Tewari ‘25
University of Rochester (George Eastman Young Leaders) 
Adriana Carvalho ‘25
University of Rochester (Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology) 
Mateo Heitner ‘25
University of Virginia
Ana Lavernia ‘25
WPI STEM Leadership
Eduardo Michelsen ‘25
Service & Leadership Award
Princeton Service
Mia Bouyoucef ‘25
Antonio Tsialas '19 Leadership
Kaige Brown ‘25

2023-24 Department Awards

Dan Leslie Bowden Award
Lucia Corrochano ‘26
Excellence in English Research Award
Paloma Lopes '25
History and Social Sciences
Craighill Burks Prize for American History
Ana Lourdes Gonzalez ‘26
Excellence in American Research
Ava McAliley ‘26
Mathematics & Computer Science
Lois B Styles Math Award
Matthew Moskovitz ‘25
Excellence in Computer Science
Ethan Thomas ‘25
Barbara Lester Environmental Science Award
Nina Tekriwal ‘25
Excellence in Chemistry
Alexander Sargi ‘25
National School Orchestra
Mikey Day ‘25
Jane Kleinman Technical Theater
Nina Tekriwal ‘25
The Lewis Family Award
Griffin Nelson-Montet ‘25
Excellence in Photography
Taylor Smith ‘25
World Languages
Pierre Cameron Award for French
Mia Bouyoucef ‘25
Excellence in Chinese
Sindhu Talluri ‘25
Excellence in Spanish 
Miguel Kumar ‘25
Excellence in Portuguese
Luiza Bell ‘25

Photo Gallery
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